Common Myths About Sex Work

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I am Beautiful, I am Powerful, I am Bethany

Exploiting Sex Workers and Desperation

Let Me Tell You About My Life…

Open Letter: Turn Off The Red Light

Apology  to Rachel Moran

Just when you think you cannot take any more the National Broadcaster, quite falsely, hangs you out to dry. I can’t afford to sue, but I am not letting it go either.

DM Reality Bites

I am in a process of remorselessly severing all ties to and reminders of Sex Work issues in Ireland. I have achieved all anyone is ever going to let me achieve in this issue and if I had to take much more gaslighting, from either side, I would be charged with murder. 

I have absolutely no idea why that is so widespread, on every level, in this particular issue, but just when I am sure I have seen the worst it gets worse again. 

I am a mental, physical and emotional wreck after all I have been put through, but my final conclusion is this:
Often people are driven to sell sex specifically to avoid this sort of ongoing, systemic headwreck. They need you to decriminalise them, and their market, then LEAVE THEM IN PEACE.


In Words of One Syllable

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Sex Work and Disability

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Site where an abolitionist has put huge work into collating real data on sex workers who are murdered and seems to be ignored for thanks, well NOT BY ME.

This is most of everything I have ever said about sex work, a few bits are missing from an old blog but I usually remember to put them here any time they are relevant rather than redundant. There are LOADS more videos to access from the few shown…if you REALLY need that much of me sounding off. :o)

I have known sexworkers as friends and equals for more than 40 years. I sold sex for about 7 years in 3 countries. If I couldn’t have done that I wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale. I have been an activist, pretty much by default, usually to counter potentially harmful whopping great lies from the ambition junkies in the NGO sector, for over 20 years.

I will not take money or personal advantage, I will not lie or enable lies, I will not subscribe to corruption, I will not sell the innocent people out for anyone’s agenda or ambition.

I rather think that tends to spoil the caper for others.

I wish there was some way, some formula of words, some magic spell that would make all these terrible people stop the lies, the corruption and the endless predation, but there isn’t. The irony is that it would be just as easy for them to choose to do good instead – I guess it wouldn’t be half as much fun for them, nor pay as well?

I do not like sex work, I am not remotely sex positive, I am a recluse who could not cope with a book deal or a lucrative NGO if you gave me one but I am now putting my whole life on the line to fight Turn Off the Red Light in Ireland, based on decades of personal experience.

Sex Work and the Swedish Model on Youtube

Tis the Season to Gloat on Youtube

Sex Work and Me:

Sex Work General:

Law carved from whole deceit and abuse: Clause 15 Northern Ireland

Turn Off The Red Light: Sacrificing sex workers and their families to personal ambition:

Sacrificing sex workers and their families to personal ambition: The Next Generation

Paid for lies and histrionics: “Survivors of prostitution”: 

If you think this is just another “Irish Problem” think again:

Is there an epidemic in forced sex labor in the USA to justify the ‘rescue industry’?

In the Name of Faith, or Propaganda

“We tend to value what we pay for more than what is free.”

I do not particularly like the sex industry, but I am grateful to the sex industry because it gave me a way to survive when everything else failed.

Objectively the sex industry is neither a bad thing, nor a good thing, it is a neutral thing, and beyond that, the sex industry is whatever those involved choose to make of it.

I am now satisfied, beyond doubt that Abolitionism is nothing but a remorseless evil that is of no use or advantage to anyone but it’s perpetrators.

Now I really do have to abandon this here for whatever it is worth to anyone and go back to what is left of my life, simply because I am afraid of what I might become if I get any more angry.

(Well that didn’t last for ever did it? But the truth is that I cannot just get on with some kind of life KNOWING how wrong and rotten this all is without trying to do something)


2 thoughts on “Common Myths About Sex Work

  1. Reading your post on Simon Haggstrom, plus reading excerpts of his book … I couldn’t help thinking he’s like Javert, so relentless, so unquestioning in his obedience to law (first Sweden’s drug laws, now the Sex Purchase Law) that if he was ever put into a position of honestly having to question it, that would destroy him.

  2. My gut feeling is that you are right…he took on this nonsense to build a wall around himself for protection, and if he stood outside that wall and looked in, for even a moment, he would never forgive what he has let himself become.

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