An Open Letter to a Monster

You are persecuting us.

No questions, rhetorical or otherwise, just the fact; you are persecuting us.

Looking for people to stir up to make our lives impossible, armfuls of superfluous FOI requests to try and block anything that might make our lives easier.

Most of us are mothers with children, and it’s the run in to Christmas and you are persecuting us.

You do not believe what you are doing is right, I have no doubt, and no reason for doubt of that. You know exactly how much harm you are doing, and how little we deserve it or can afford it. You know the truth even if only in the default of knowing how many lies you have crafted and disseminated about us anywhere you knew those lies might bring us harm.

There is no point in asking you why, you would only lie and dissemble. You only stop persecuting us as long as you are getting your own way, and undeserved acceptance and attention. That pattern is easy to prove. So that is the real reason why you persecute us, because you cannot stand anyone rejecting you and your control, it is probably the whole recipe for the poison on feet that you have allowed yourself to become.

How do you think it feels on the receiving end of your persecution?

How do you think it feels for a desperate mum to know that every week you will strive to come up with a new way to make trouble for her and make it impossible for her to do what she needs to do to give her children the things they deserve?