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From: Gaye D [mailto:mechanima@gmail.com] Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2015 7:01 AM To: ‘stephen.donnelly@oireachtas.ie’; ‘andrew.doyle@oireachtas.ie’; ‘anne.ferris@oireachtas.ie’; ‘simon.harris@oireachtas.ie’; ‘billy.timmins@oireachtas.ie’ Subject: For Your Urgent Attention Importance: High


A Chara,


In the light of a ruling last week (http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/child-abuser-awarded-20000-damages-after-being-named-and-shamed-on-facebook-paedophile-page-in-first-case-of-its-kind-31008212.html  ) I have realised that a situation I have been deliberately placed in for some months is not only abusive, dangerous and harmful to me, but also contrary to the demands of Civil Law.


  • Since April 2014 my full private name, address, phone numbers and facsimile signature have been published, in a context certain to endanger me, online and through HMSO from page 1289 on here: http://archive.niassembly.gov.uk/justice/report/human-trafficking/Report-on-Human-Trafficking-Bill.pdf despite it being in clear and malicious breach of the responsibilities conferred by the data protection act, and by the Autism Act NI (I informed them that I am Autistic when I raised the objection with them. They also misrepresented my deposition by omitting the third page. (Scroll down for full text, scan available on request).
  • Since July 2014 the “Turn Off the Red Light” campaign have hosted incitement to hatred and harm, against myself, by full name here: https://www.facebook.com/turnofftheredlight/reviews


I believe the intention has been to punish me for challenging the lies upon which both have based their propositions and intimidate any other genuine former or current sex worker from speaking out against them. It is well documentated that, because of stigma, the worst fear of any sex worker, or former sex worker is to have her name disclosed, let alone full private address and phone numbers . “If it was that bad you could just move” applies to other people and not me. I could not survive having to leave my home remote, isolated home of 25 years, under any circumstances, this is documented by Professor Michael Fitzgerald, and was one of the main factors in my having no option but sell sex in the first place My home is my whole world, I hardly ever leave, only ever have one visitor, only chat with one (other) person on the phone. That is how I have to live to survive. I can’t handle anything else. Stormont and “Turn Off the Red Light” have placed my whole world in permanent jeopardy.


I have a clear cut legal challenge, but, as someone too disabled to work, I cannot afford a solicitor to make that challenge. Ironically, I could get the money by selling sexual services, but there is no assistance of any kind available to me in the “Civil Society” that created the problem in the first place. There is a message in there Sincerely,


Gaye Dalton Full text of sworn deposition sent to Stormont:


Statutory Declaration

I, Gaye Dalton

of: (address and phone numbers redacted)

-being aged 18 years and upwards do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows :-

The only payment I have ever received for my work on the sex work issue since was a €30 – €40 phone credit as a thank you from a donor who is anonymous to me early in 2013  and an unsolicited £20 note from a Nun connected to Ruhama at their conference in 1994. I pay all my own expenses. This is important to me not only to show sex workers they are worth my time and effort but because payment compromises neutrality.

I sold sexual services on Waterloo and Burlington Roads in Dublin 4 between approximately June/July 1987 and March/April 1993.

Since moving from Connaught to Leinster in 1989 I worked there 5 or 6 nights a week (usually taking at least Monday off). I would usually arrive at about 9:30pm and work until at least 2:30am.

I spent most of my time on the streets either walking or in two places:

  • At the top of Waterloo Road by the corner of Wellington Lane
  • Near the corner of Burlington Road outside Dublin Institute of Advanced technology

In cold or wet weather I might also sit in my car either at the top of Waterloo Road, or on Burlington Road looking out on to Waterloo Road.

The sex workers and regular clients were a small community that could be compared to the regular clientele of a pub, we all knew each other, at least by sight and were very much aware of new people, unusual occurrences, or any form of crime or abuse.

Every woman I knew at that time worked independently, for herself, apart from two women who were in personal relationships that would have been abusive and coercive in any environment.  (I enabled one of these women to escape with her children.)

Anyone who seemed underage was prevented from working, sent home if possible and reported to Gardai. Many of the women had teenage children of their own and were not easy to fool in this respect, and this would be a very unusual occurrence.

Drug abuse was extremely rare and many women were actively involved in the “concerned parents” movement in their local communities.

At no time did I ever see, or hear of “Rachel Moran” author of “Paid For” and founder of “Space International” nor anyone resembling her, working in that area. In her book she claims to have worked near the corner of Wellington Lane from early evening until “the small hours”, which would have placed her within 15 yards of me for several hours most nights.

I have asked several people I retain some contact with, or could locate, from that time and nobody else can remember her, or anyone like her, not only there but in any form of sex work indoor or outdoor, at any of the times she claims to have worked, between 1991 and 1998.

Beyond this, in her book “Paid For” and online blog “theprostitutionexperience” she has described several people, but not one of them even resembles anyone I ever met or heard of.

Like any small community of people there was gossip. As a result we knew plenty about each other’s lives and were familiar with the known details of any abusive, awkward, or even interesting clients. She does not allude to anyone recognisable  to me at all.

At no time does she show any awareness of the terminology we used, nor even the material realities of our work.

She has also, at times, claimed to have been arrested for soliciting before 1993. Not only was this impossible, but also, one of the first things you would be told as a sex worker at that time is that you could not be arrested for soliciting. She did not even know that.

Rachel Moran is making money from her book and speaking engagements as well as seeking funding for “Space International”, aimed at exploiting any form of future criminalisation of sex work, and making significant input into Justice Committees both sides of the border through totally misrepresenting herself and that entire community and time. Meanwhile real sex workers are denied all safe access to self representation to refute through the callous exploitation of existing stigma (that not only threatens sex workers but also their children) and blatant stonewalling.

I understand that it is unlawful for a person to obtain financial advantage from deceit, but I am personally more concerned with the damage to vulnerable, voiceless people that Rachel Moran will do with her lies.  The idea of anyone so unscrupulous having any degree of control over sex workers’ lives in future, and particularly those who wish to leave sex work and are particularly vulnerable and unprotected, absolutely horrifies me.

Justine Reilly, her partner in “Space International” (all reference suddenly removed from website in past few weeks) was discovered to be a convicted pimp in February 2013, after initially, putting herself forward in the media as a helpless victim. I have never observed her to show any remorse towards the women she exploited, while at least one of these same women has been openly chastised by Ruhama for “disrespect” for alluding to her convictions.

During consultations in both North and South of Ireland genuine sex workers have been treated as animals who cannot think and speak for ourselves while dishonest persons such as these have been put forward as speaking for us. Genuine sex workers have been abused, intimidated and excluded while blatant lies are treated with the greatest courtesy and respect.

Real sex workers are informed that we suffer from many kinds of trauma but no note is taken at all of the far deeper trauma of being silenced and misrepresented in this way. Often by organisations in receipt of significant public funds on the pretext of supporting us.

I hated sex work and desperately wanted a way out but sex work was, literally, the only way I had to survive at the time and that would still be the case in a similar position now.  I have spent decades learning this truth from experience.

Those responsible for my reality deserve to be punished and eradicated from our society for the common good. They are as follows:

  • The abusive family I was issued with at birth
  • The social services who ground my childhood and young adulthood remorselessly between the wheels of their personal dysfunction and corrupt internal politics.
  • The NGOs who added insult to injury by distorting and exploiting my desperation to further their own agenda while offering me nothing but exploitation, misrepresentation, intimidation and revictimisation over the past 20 years.
  • Everyone who ever stood by and watched me suffer, in any context, without attempting to protect or help me.Similar factors are forcing women and girls into sex work all the time. They are the real criminals here and most of their victims meet far worse fates than having to use sex work to recover.

My clients as a sex worker gave me, not only survival, but a decent living, independence and self respect. I found that helpful and supportive and was thankful for it.

Sex work is never the problem, it is always part of the solution.

The Nordic Model serves as the indirect persecution of sex workers by striving to destroy the market their livelihoods depend upon made worse by openly acknowledging the fact that many have no realistic alternative means available. The Nordic Model is promoted, proposed and reinforced by a strategy of misrepresenting sex workers lives, motivation and needs while restricting all support and resources to those who comply with this misrepresentation and striving to penalise those who do not.

The Nordic Model is deemed politically desirable because it indirectly denies the true impact of austerity and  pays lip service to counterbalancing the elements of forced labour that are creeping into welfare provision.

The Nordic Model is popular with NGOs because it has the potential to maintain and increase their funding.

Once I truly believed that if anyone told people the truth about sex worker’s lives they would understand and feel remorse and, at least, leave us in peace, now I have seen, with my own eyes, that if anyone tries to tell the truth they are silenced, gagged, intimidated and shouted down while everything they have tried to say is pasted over with other people’s self serving and destructive lies.

The conduct of the “Turn Off the Red Light” campaign, and the resulting consultations, has left me finally incapable of faith in any aspect of the society in which I live.


I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by Virtue of the Statutory Declarations Act, 1938.



Signature of Applicant                                                                      

SWORN/DECLARED by………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


this ______day of____________ 20


at _______________________________________


In the County of ____________________ before me a Peace Commissioner for Co Kildare and within the counties immediately adjoining that county.

By the deponent whom I know/ or who has been identified to me.


Signature: ____________________________

Name: (redacted)____________________________

Address: (redacted)

Note: it is an offence under Section 6 of the Statutory Declaration Act, 1938 for any person to make a Statutory Declaration, which to his knowledge is false or misleading in any material respect. The penalty on summary conviction is a fine not exceeding € 60 or, at the discretion of the Court, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.











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