Another Job

Amazing, in 2014 (ref form 990) “Sanctuary for Families” paid out more than $9million (out of $15million) in wages and admin expenses…and yet, in two short years they got that figure down to 15% (that would be $3million) of $20million

Isn’t that just wonderful?

2014 Had 3 executive Directors on over $150k and 6 over $100k…(2015 isn’t filed yet).

“and it almost always is an adult woman”

That is probably because, outside the luxurious world of high rent NGO and who-the-heck-could-show-a-profit-with-salaries-like-thats, in the real world,sex workers ARE adult women.

Yes there are minors selling sex, out of utter desperation, because that is the best we as a society can be bothered to offer them (I guess 5 or 6 of those kids could live a year without selling sex of they had $100k between them?) but they are a very small percentage of the numbers of the women in the sex industry (maybe 10% ?) and they live out their horrowing lives in a completely seperate world to the sex industry. Of course because of their age they are much more likely to be naive enough to believe these glossy charities will actually do something worthwhile for them (adult sexworkers tend to know the truth) so you would be more likely to see them.

Persecuting adult sex workers and their clients will not do a single thing for them, except increase their numbers as mothers, denied a last desperate resort, have no way to hold a safe nurturing home together any more.

You should try starving without utilities for a couple of weeks…in the end you would kill, never mind sell sex, for a sandwich…I know, I ran for my life aged 13 and I have been there.

The one question nobody has the slightest interest in producing and answer for is:

If you end the demand for sexual services, just how WILL the vast majority of sexworkers live? Particularly if they are desperate with nowhere to turn? There is nothing that is not exploitative and abusively controlling or of any real use on offer and nothing in the pipeline

The tiny minority of broken young people will turn to crime or die, because there IS nothing else, they have checked. (I would love to see a source for the contention that the brains of minors are not fully developed!) THAT is not an answer either. But it it the only, rather obvious, result of all you are pushing for..

By the way…you do realise that women who are dependent on the charity you work for would be too scared to tell you anything but their best guess at what you wanted to hear.