Apology to Rachel Moran

Everything I know about Rachel Moran:

I am happy to answer any questions in private or in the media  mechanima at gmail
Sworn Testimony

My Memoir of Sex Work in Dublin Between 1987 and 1993 (written and date locked in 2001)

I apologise and admit that I was wrong to totally dismiss the possibility that you were the girl pulled out of a massage parlour North Cabra road. Not that we did not discuss, and resolve, it before:


It certainly is possible (for my reservations see here however reservations are no excuse for dismissing possibilities entirely).

The girl in North Cabra Road was discussed at some length at the time, even before the newspaper reports in the form of a warning, as she did the rounds of the massage parlours trying to con her way in as an older girl. We kept a watch to make sure she never tried to work on the street if not from compassion then because of the huge risk she would be to all of us and our livelihoods. The guards couldn’t arrest us, but they could scare the clients off and make it impossible for us to earn the money we needed to live and discharge our obligations.

The girl from Cabra would have been the same level of threat as the Nordic Model, so there is no way we could have tolerated her.

I felt sorry for her, I have “lived experience” of being a fully fledged adult at 16 and younger trying to find a way to survive independently. It’s horrible to be driven away from all hope because “you are a child” when you haven’t been in a position to be a child for some time if you wanted to be, and I certainly didn’t. I can understand how she could develop quite a vendetta against sex workers for making her life impossible without a thought for how she would survive. I knew as they did not, just how impossible that could be. I even tried to find her, not that I had much to suggest. I have tried to help messed up females of all ages before and it always ends up badly for me and doesn’t do them any real good either.

After she was picked up she was the topic of discussion as a bit of a mystery (women with nothing better to do between clients tend to over discuss this type of thing). She seemed to come from nowhere, nobody had a clue who she was (remember several street workers were present and saw her “doing the rounds” in the flesh trying to persuade someone to “prostitute” her) and nobody had ever seen her before at all.

So there you are.

Now, quid pro quo, I hope you are going to apologise for pretending you worked on Waterloo Rd between 1990 and 1992 ?

Oberstown would hold you until February 1993*, I left sex work in March 1993, so I know no more for sure.

*correction Oberstown Girls long term unit (opened in 1991) had a minimum committal period of 2 years and would, in fact, hold her until August 1994 – but that usually only applied to girls between 12 – 16, but with a 4 years maximum they were obviously geared to hold girls over 16.

So what is the true story?