Be Carna – Women of the Flesh

Be Carna was first produced in early 1999. It is reasonable to assume it was written in 1998.

The playwright, Deidre Kinahan based the play on her time working with Ruhama and the women she came to know there and seems to have regarded, not only as equals but with significant respect.

It is such a cunning and remarkable vehicle for telling the whole truth without identifying anyone that I could tell you many of the real life people and equivalent stories the 5 characters were collaged and crafted from.

One of those characters is called Rachel O’Neill.

She is described as:

  • about 20
  • dysfunctional mother
  • drug addicted
  • living in a squat
  • has a special relationship with her aunt
  • gets out to go and stay with her aunt

I could tell you the names of the people most of the character was based on (I won’t) but is it even likely that having taken such care to hide the identities of everyone else Deidre Kinahan would give a character the name “Rachel” with so many points of factual similarity to a real sex worker?

Our world was a very small village, the women Deirdre Kinahan refers to as the “elder women” tended to know pretty much everything, they just didn’t talk about it, unless they had a very good reason, and a coincience like that would BE a very good reason, so soon after a documentary Ruhama initiated and involved those same women in was strongly rumoured (within the media) to have lead to a family suicide when the identity of one of those who participated was not fully concealed.

There are one hell of a lot of questions that nobody is asking or answering here.