What Do You Think Happens to People When They Run Out of Ways to Survive?

Copied from my Facebook page:

Now I need to ask you all to do something for me. There is one person in the world I trust because she is decent, and good and as honourable as me. She has been through hell you cannot even imagine the past few years, and particularly now. She is in Houston with only a green card…that means no welfare of any kind. She can’t get work because some sick twisted little freak who uses christianity as an excuse to run his own private vice squad left her in a place where she got arrested for prostitution…


The case was dismissed but she cannot find money to get the record purged, so she cannot get work…and frankly, with 4 damaged ribs and rapidly deteriorating eyesight she would be on disability anywhere in the world. She has been selling clothes, fetish services ANYTHING to pay rent two weeks late for 18 months. This month she got a loan at 5 past the last minute…and it was delayed, she she may not have it till wednesday. Eviction day in Monday…so I just sent her most of my savings until the loan clears.

She did not ask me, and tried to demand I took it back, but I won’t, I CAN’T.

You may think that was crazy, I know it was not and it will be the happiest day of my life when that money comes back and I know there is one person on earth I can trust for sure…but nobody can live this way, please, PLEASE help her, and try to get others to help her too, she could be any one of us:

I have been utterly desperate, and no-one ever helped me…it makes the world a little better for all of us is someone helps her.

I am not a saint, and, having gone hungry myself as a pregnant 15 year old, I can be very mean with money for fear of running out again, but some things override that fear.

I am more afraid of sitting through 24 hours waiting to see if the loan does come through in time to prevent the week overdue eviction being carried out. My research tells me it is more likely to arrive on Wednesday…two days too late. I am pretty sure that if the eviction happens it will be the last step off a cliff for Kamy. Such a small quick step to plunge into the void.

Kamy asked me last week how I started selling sex and I couldn’t explain…it was to horrible, and similar a story at this time. I can’t explain it now either…just not now…I can’t bear to look at that part of the past…

But I did explain it to the older sister of Emma, the real woman who worked on the corner Rachel Moran lays false claim to. It was one of those all night chats you sometimes wind up having from nowhere, on a long summer night in her lovely home. A couple of months later she told Emma to make sure I watched a specific dramatised documentary (from the time when we used actors to protect the privacy of real people in despair instead of using real people in despair because they are cheaper, and funnier, than actors) that was being repeated.

It was the story of a young woman in America who spent a couple of years falling from a normal life into homelessness and destitution (in what was, then, a much kinder America) through no fault of her own. In the final scene she calls a young social worker to meet her and just leaves her little daughter alone to meet him, walking away devastated and in tears. The only way to get her daughter a home was to abandon her under law. It was the clearest image I have ever seen of what happens to people when they run out of the means to survive.

I bawled my eyes out…I only wish it HAD been catharsis…but it wasn’t, was it? Or the wound would be healed and I could tell you my story now.

It was the sister’s way of showing me that she “got it” and listening to Kamy last night that program was playing through my head like a loop tape, and I couldn’t stand it…sending her the bridging loan was the only way I could make that loop tape stop, so I sent it.

She exhausted all the charities last year (yes she has been living this horrible way years now) and tried pleading with multi millionaire abolitionist Swanee Hunt all of last week. Ms Hunt was too busy bankrolling fraud Rachel Moran as a weapon in the sick and selfish power games she plays with the lives of desperate, real people, to amuse herself to even respond.

I tried emailing Pastor Kevin Brown of “8 minutes” on August 17 to come up with a little of the help he promised Kamy eye to eye out of his income (estimated to be at least $500,000 pa between his vanity church and his pension), so far he has been “too busy” to even acknowledge.

KAMY is what happens when people run out of the means to survive…PLEASE don’t make me watch it to the end again…I would lose my mind.