Correction: Rachel Moran 2012 – 2018

I have to make this correction because this year I discovered that, though I have never lied, or been mistaken, about facts that I was witness to, I had formed, and have forcefully expressed, opinions that were incorrect in an environment made of hostility and acrimony, some of it deliberately provoked and sustained to agenda by third parties

However, facts are fixed things that remain inviolate regardless of opinion or agenda, each of us is entitled to been seen in the light of the person we really are, the life we have really lived and the choices we have really made.

The true story should be told now, independent of opinion or agenda, and particularly independent of third parties who laugh all the way to the bank, and then stir it up some more, but there is no way I can write the true story on my own. There has been error and mitigation, on both sides and a deadlock where each side would have to lie in order to concede unilaterally to the other. Until both sides communicate, co-operate and face all the facts – that true story cannot be told at all. So that the best I can do is to admit that it needs to be and is overdue.

…and hey, what a parable of the WHOLE spectrum of the sex work issue from elective fetish workers to a frightened young mum who submits to gang rape to get her children onto a boat that is unfit to cross the Med for a last chance at survival and freedom…because the only alternative is much, much, worse.