December 17th 2014

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Sexworkers in Ireland do not need protecting from violence.

Sexworkers in Ireland do not need anything except full decriminalization so that they can get on with their lives as safely and functionally as possible (if you think this is a bad idea let’s hear it in the comments section).

…and yet all opposition to Turn Off the Red Light has been subtly hijacked by organisations and individuals diverting it towards a harm reduction agenda that is largely superfluous in an Irish context but will ensure them ongoing opportunities for power, funding and personal advancement under Nordic Model Legislation.

Once again, just like Ruhama, this will be based upon presenting themselves as the voices of sex workers entirely without mandate and without any more than token consultation.

In the course of doing this they blew every chance of opposing Nordic Model Legislation, because ordinary people tend to have finely tunes bullshit detectors and it all got too much for them, even on a subliminal level.

Ordinary people do not like Ruhama and “Turn Off the Red Light”. They see the condescension, they smell the deceit…but when the only opposition they are allowed to see smells pretty much the same they have nowhere to go with that and opt out of it…as we all tend to do when it comes to things that will not directly affect us and give us a headache to look at.

I have suffered more abuse and damage from the opposition the “Turn Off the Red Light” than anyone else (this time around, last time around in ’93, when they were supposedly on the same side, I suffered more damage from Ruhama), and, in truth, I could take down every argument the opposition present at least as easily as I could take down Ruhama…because their arguments are just as manipulative and insubstantial…

What I will never be able to take down is the truth:

  • Any competent adult has the exclusive right to decide what they do with their own body.
  • Competent, adults decide to sell sex
  • Thy decide to sell sex for money
  • Why they need that money is nobody’s business but their own
  • How badly they need that money is nobody’s business but their own
  • They should not have to abandon personal pride and privacy to plead for the right to sell sex on humanitarian grounds
  • They will derive no benefit from having the demand for their services artificially reduced by legislation.

That is the truth in three hard facts and four inalienable human rights. I defy anyone to take them down. Everything else has been bullshitted all over the place to various suit personal agenda, costing truth and Justice so much ground that there is nothing to be gained by pretending otherwise any more.

The Nordic Model will pass in Ireland.

*All* those who claimed to fight for the rights of sex workers will profit from it.

*All* sex workers will suffer because of it.

My own life will remain under threat indefinitely by common concensus  of all those who claim to have the best interests of sex workers at heart.  (I have absolutely no idea how a normal person would react to that reality to emulate it so that people actually care, but I think we can rule out joining these people to protest against violence to sex workers this evening – let us say that, without inhuman self control, I run the risk of sending a very mixed message!)

…and I could have told you all this would happen in March 2011.

…and I would rather live my life under threat, or die than prey on anyone, let alone sex workers.

So all’s well that ends well.

Or is it?









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