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Everything I know about Rachel Moran:

I am happy to answer any questions in private or in the media  mechanima at gmail
Sworn Testimony

My Memoir of Sex Work in Dublin Between 1987 and 1993 (written and date locked in 2001)

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In respect of RTE Documentary Reality Bites – Paying for Sex – aired October 2016 wherein a former guard was produced to confirm that Rachel Moran was arrested in a brothel on New Cabra Road in July 1992 after flashing up a tweet of mine that buzzed out my name and avatar but left this link clearly legible and implying I was responsible for a spurious hate campaign against Rachel Moran (when, if anything the opposite is true). At no time did RTE attempt contact me for comment.

I have no intention of letting this rest, I did a little research on retired Detective Sergeant Alan Bailey:

Lapdancing not harmless but ‘gateway drug’ to sex industry – 6 December 2004

Meet the hooker who was a ‘Mother’ to 20 escorts at IFSC brothel – 6 August 2015

Retired Detective Sergeant Alan Bailey also shared the same published as Moran for his 2016 book on the Grangegorman Murders his previous offerings were published elsewhere.

As a result I am not prepared to accept his claim (which is completely irrelevant to everything I have said about Rachel Moran anyway, see my Sworn Testimony) unless he puts it on oath. If Rachel Moran wants to refute my claims she must do so on oath specifically in respect of my claims and sworn testimony. I cannot say one way or the other whether Moran was in a brothel for a few days in 1992. I was not there, my opinion is, and always has been that she was not as she doesn’t even know the terminology we used or other simple basics like that, but that is informed opinion not a statement of fact.

I do know for certain that she did not work on Waterloo Road or anywhere near it as she claims in her book between 1990 and 1992. That is all I have ever claimed to know for certain, as a witness, beyond opinion. There is nothing on earth that will make me withdraw my opposition to her many, many barefaced lies. I will die first, and if you don’t believe me just try me. Of course Moran isn’t worth dying over but I could not live with being an accessory to her harmful lies anyway, so it’s catch 22.

In respect of RTE2 Documentary Reality Bites – Paying for sex when Rachel Moran’s arrest in a brothel in 1992 was held up proving me a liar while subtly identifying me on national TV. The fact that I never mentioned any brothel is not, apparently, relevant. This is interesting:


Pity they didn’t flash that tweet up on screen.

It seems the Director of “Reality Bites – Paying for Sex”, Libby McCormack has been following me on twitter for some time yet never approached me for comment, so I sent her some by DM tonight:-

Libby why did you choose to defame me in respect of Rachel Moran without even contacting me for comment? It’s not as if you couldn’t find me. Let me be very blunt with you, as you obviously know perfectly well I have only ever claimed to know for sure that Rachel Moran was never on Burlington Road*, a lie that she not only tells but makes a 5 course meal out of in her book.

I put the truth on oath you could have had an original signed copy if you had asked me. I do not go round claiming to know things that I do not. I do not lie either. I remember the 16 year old girl in summer 1992 because it was a big scandal, unheard of. She also approached x (of the Kasbah) and was turned away in horror. But nobody had ever seen that girl before, nor in the few months since.

Moran doesn’t claim she spent a few days in a brothel in summer 1992, she claims she was stood at the corner of Waterloo Road and wellington lane between 1990 and 1992, and then adds in no less than 7 underage girls for good measure. All the while, in the real world I was stood on the far side of Waterloo Road most nights. If you seriously believe I would stand and watch one underage girl try to sell sex for as much as 10 minutes I want you to have the courage to stand here and say so to my face, not passive aggressive pillory me in primetime TV.

I was someone who would have had no way to survive without selling sex through absolutely no fault of my own. I do not talk about me and what I have been through, I realised a few days ago that I have never once asked for Justice for myself in any context or capacity. I have always sacrificed whatever it took to be the most decent, honest and honourable person I could be. I also sold sex stone cold sober because I had to drive in and out and I do not put other people’s lives in danger.

You do not have to believe me, or care what happens to me, but you had no right to identify me (with my blog URL clearly visible) without approaching me for comment first. You certainly had no right to imply I had made claims I had not. Anyone with any journalistic integrity would know that segment proves literally nothing.

The fact that I am the one person in all of this who put in endless time and effort, exposed my identity, and had my life put in serious danger without ever accepting a penny should have told you something…apparently what it told you was that I am a schmuck and fair game.

Incidentally, I am autistic, I have to hide from people to function. I have no family or social supports at all. I have no support from SWAI because I refuse to affiliate with Escort Ireland. I live in a remote house in the middle of a sheep farm. Stormont punished me for swearing out that 100% truthful affidavit by publishing my full address and private phone numbers online and in hard copy of report. I have no doubt they intended serious harm should come to me. It took 18 months to get them to take it down. I am not like you, I couldn’t just move, this is my home and refuge of 30 years it’s all I have to protect me from a world I can never be compatible with. I wouldn’t survive leaving here. I slept with a commando knife if I could sleep at all, just,for the crime of telling the truth. .

I guess you think that makes me fair game, huh?

*NB In this context “Burlington Road”refers to a red light district not just the street, Rachel Moran claimed to work on the corner of Wellington Lane and Waterloo Road. I really worked about 15 yards away on Waterloo Road


If, and I am not convinced, Rachel Moran was the girl arrested (that one was arrested is not in question) in Summer 1992 she worked in one brothel (that was actually always referred to as a massage parlour) for a maximum of about 10 days while over the, then, age of consent. Two years of claiming to have worked the streets at great and lavish length are the same lie I have always known them to be. The article claims she was sent to a secure unit at Oberstown from which she would have been released in February 1993. So that is a claim of “7 years”down to “4 years”at most…and the fact remains that nobody ever saw her.

This was her answer to me when challenged:

After I made it very plain that I could prove I was in the UK until 1985 that, quite spontaneously, changed:

(Perhaps I should have made it plainer that I was in the UK until November ’85 and otherwise occupied in Galway until a week before Christmas?) Now THAT is “gaslighting”. Moran’s first face to face response to challenge in October 2012 in the Dept Justice Conference was to snap at me “Ýou’re lying, you weren’t there” – whatever a person telling all, or even half the truth would reply to me (stating simply that I worked Waterloo Road between 87 & 93 and had never met her) it certainly wouldn’t be that! She gave herself away, she knew there was no point in asking questions, discussing anything, comparing notes or in any way trying to resolve the anomaly, because she was never there, so she tried to lie and gaslight her way out of it instead counting on a combination of intimidation and stigma to shut me up.

The whole point of Turn Off the Red Light encouraging Moran was to hide the remarkable benefits of incidental decriminalisation between 1984 and 1993 by producing an “underage drug addict” (something genuinely impossible in that environment) as “evidence” against the benefits of decriminalisation the Turn Off the Red Light are as fully aware of as I am. False evidence to excuse deliberate harm…imagine that.

From what has happened here it is pretty obvious there is an huge amount of power and money being thrown at anyone who challenges Turn Off the Red Light, well I have a little message:

The only way to shut me up will be to kill me, and considering my circumstances that should not be hard at all. No, the hard part will be getting away with it.