Email Sent to Ciaran Moynihan at His Request

A note for Ciaran Moynihan:

…while you were, in my opinion, acting like a demented 5 year old on twitter because you gave yourself away and someone noticed, a wonderful man called Khaled Omar died trying to get first wave injured out in the 15 minute window of a “double tap” bombardment so that the second wave would not kill them. You do not impress me. Khaled Omar did.


From: Gaye D []
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2016 1:31 PM
To: ‘Hello@mms*’
Subject: Affidavit Re: Space Intl


Hi Ciaran,

Brief Private Background

I know Laura Lee a very long time and I doubt I have any relevant personal observations that you have not arrived at for yourself, so I’ll skip that part except to draw your attention to the fact that having us both in the same room never ends well.

When my address was published in April 2014 in the Stormont Report it made me very ill (I am a lifelong recluse who lives in the middle of a Wicklow sheep farm I was close to suicide and even closer to a commando knife for 18 months over it). I had discussed this with Laura Lee and she promised to make sure it was protested…we discussed the pros and cons and I had already determined that there was nothing to lose by protesting it as loudly as possible to take advantage and not waste the harm of it. When I checked weeks later she had brushed it all under the carpet and hidden it from everyone (including people who could have advised me of the data protection issues and got it down overnight) instead of raising even a private protest. That is how deep it goes personally…politically she threw away the advantage that could have used a case precedent last February to at least call the validity of clause 15 into question. If any of this is relevant I can provide details.

My only interest is in taking down the various pending Swedish Model Legislation. I am not writing an autobiography, I am not planning to join the NGO sector, I will not even ACCEPT expenses let alone ask for them. I have a sky high IQ, I slipped down the rabbit hole myself, and I know EXACTLY how much harm that law will do for the forseeable future if it takes hold and I cannot live with that without putting up the best fight I can. I trained in public relations for this issue, every public word I say is carefully measured for maximum benefit.

I had intended to send a similar affidavit to the Southern Justice Committee a couple of months earlier, but I had severe bronchitis, and was still innocent enough to believe that, once told, nobody would ever let this go without checking. At end of Feb 2014 I sent the attached affidavit to Justice Committees and Ministers North and South by Recorded Delivery. I still have mail receipts with weights. The Southern Justice Dept returned it to me with each page endorsed (which may be relevant later). The affidavit was briefly alluded to and never discussed, but published on 1289 of the Stormont Report with my real name, address and private phone numbers, and the third page misleadingly omitted (4th page published I can used the weights and southern endorsement to prove it was sent if needs be).

I tried everything I could think of to get my name off it be stonewalled every step of the way until a year later when someone told me to go to the information commissioners, who seemed to have got it taken down overnight…until I discovered a second copy still online last November. All of this may be relevant to review. I have all details if it is.

I think the relevance of the affidavit is self explanatory. It might well be possible to dismiss the contents as “taken into account at the time therefore not in need of further investigation” but, Space International IS basically Rachel Moran and it gets significantly harder to dismiss the affidavit without investigation when she starts requesting papers. It has never been investigated at any point. I know this quite simply because I am telling the precise truth and the most cursory investigation would show that without there was some very deep corruption indeed. I have been taking that chance for years anyway.

I am attaching the affidavit, I am also attaching something else “Be Carna” I only found on Friday, because I know it is dynamite, I just don’t know how best to use it – you may. This is the back story behind the play  what is most relevant is:

  • Ruhama endorsed the play as an accurate representation of sex work in Ireland in 1997
  • The writer worked for and through Ruhama
  • Rachel Moran claims her last experience of sex work (on which everything she says is based) was 1998
  • The characters of the women in the play totally contradict everything Moran Ruhama and TORL claim about sex workers
  • Ruhama endorsed Moran since 2011
  • Several small points of information contradict Moran’s account  (only drugs available heroin and ecstasy, strict “no drugs” or drink rule in indoor work are two and true to my recall)
  • Is it even likely they would create a character called “Rachel” if there was a real Rachel with points of similarity?

I am not sure if it is useful or relevant or not, but it certainly won’t be if I do not inform you of it, and it is not a hard read. To my thinking there is a daisychain of deliberate misinformation knowingly accepted without due care, and Ruhama and Moran are vital links in that chain, not too sure how or whether that affects judicial review but best mention it

Happy to talk to you any time or answer any questions you may feel I could…except in the subject of Laura Lee…what I have said here is all I will say, it is best that way.

Best Regards,

Gaye Dalton



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