Email To Members Of JOC Justice, Equality and Defence

I want to share with you the absolute disregard for facts that saturates this issue, even down to the smallest detail. It is BLACK PANTO TIME…where nobody is even bothering to try and remember any facts at all…

If a question is raised just make up some ould BS and STATE IT HARD.

Joint Oireachtas Committee for Justice, Equality and Defence Report on hearings and submissions on the Review of Legislation on Prostitution 

Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill 2015: Second Stage

Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill Committee Stage in Seanad 11 December 2015 (Transcipt incomplete Saturday 12 December 2015 14:36 guss they don’t want any of THAT showing up in the Sundays?)

From: Gaye D []
Sent: Sunday, December 2, 2012 3:38 PM
To: All members of Justice Committee including Senators Bacik and Zappone
Subject: The Exclusion of Real Sex workers from Justice Committee Hearings
Importance: High



I am sending this same email to every single member of the Justice Committee and two relevant Ministers, because the total exclusion of real sex workers from the Justice Committee hearings on legislation that will directly affect them is totally unacceptable, and even unjustifiable under any circumstances, but under circumstances where you will be inviting several NGOs with an adversarial position towards them to make false claim to speak on their behalf this amounts to running a government committee like a kangaroo court, and each one of you who supports this decision should be ashamed.

There is no NGO currently speaking for sex workers in any real sense. All NGOs ruthlessly exclude them from decision making as if they were stray animals, or some kid of  substandard, feral people in need of guidance and control from their “betters”. They even go so far as to abuse invalid statistics and distort facts to cultivate this as an image of sex workers in the public eye. The truth is, most sex workers are of above average intelligence, many of them are remarkably well read and/or well educated. They are intelligent people who can do their own thinking and speak for themselves far better than the NGOs who try to insist on being funded to do it for them against their will and sex workers are likely to base that thinking and self-representation on reality rather than the usual NGO basis of  pursuit of agenda and funding that is mostly deployed on huge and superfluous salaries and expenses.

Sex workers did not ask for NGO or State assistance in the first place. Many sex workers have already been failed multiple times by the HSE and voluntary and community sector. They are often fully aware of the shortcoming of that system  and have made a positive choice to reject further malign interference due to the limitations of unwanted poverty and use the high wages from sex work to take care of their own lives, families, and problems, in a fully autonomous way that no longer leaves them at the mercy of anyone. They are proud people who do not want to discuss, let alone whine on and on about their personal problems, they just want to get on with using the high wages from sex work to solve them.

Ruhama foisted themselves on sex workers in 1989, when sex work was street based by the simple ruse of parking the van so nobody could make any money until someone pretended to engage with them against their will. They omitted to mention that they were outreach for the Magdalene Laundries (that would not be exposed for another 4 years or shut down for another 7).  Ruhama, and the orders behind them, have never apologised, even for this deception. Thankfully the women sensed something very wrong anyway and just humoured them without ever really engaging.

With one or two gullible exceptions who stayed around until all their hopes were shattered, the only women who have ever engaged with Ruhama since are a handful of opportunists with considerable expertise in playing the system. They are not remotely representative of sex workers. Some of them have never even been sex workers.

It had been my intention to send this as hard copy accompanied by a sworn affidavit I am in a position to make that states that I have never seen the individual who asks to be known as FreeIrishWoman selling sex on Waterloo and Burlington Road before April 1993 and as I was a full time street worker and it was a small area and community this would be impossible if she had worked there as she claimed. FreeIrishWoman is now making expenses paid trips to the USA to tap into the almost unlimited funding available to “abolitionist survivors” from the Hunt Foundation and similar in the USA. Unfortunately I have bronchitis verging on pneumonia and cannot organise that affidavit but I am happy to swear it at any time that I physically can. (I have informed Sarah Benson of Ruhama of this fraud and have yet to receive even a response, several weeks later. I am also willing to attest to this on oath.)

If you insist on listening to this particular Ruhama backed fraud rather than extend the same courtesy to any of the real autonomous sex workers who were willing to risk everything to speak to you as a committee, then let there be no room for any claim of ignorance after the fact, or ever.

Sex workers never asked for or wanted NGO assistance, they certainly do not want to be defined and misrepresented in their absence by NGOs and affiliated HSE services. In the early 80s, a sex worker called Dolores Lynch demanded to bring a group of sex workers to speak to the Minister for Justice. He refused to see her. Shortly afterwards she was murdered, literally by fire, as a direct result of her advocacy. Very few people have her kind of courage, yet she is forgotten, to the extent that the Justice Committee STILL refuses to see sex workers unless a self appointed, anti-sex work NGO has them on a tight leash that assures they will bear false witness to the current fad in propaganda.

I realise the Justice Committee have already made up their minds without ever seeking the facts at all. Apparently the simple fact that any attempt to “end the demand” will take away the income of women who are already desperate without offering any alternative is inadmissible. What is the point in being decriminalised if you cannot eat or keep a roof over your head?

The Committee took off to Sweden, at the expense of the State,  to hear the same hard sell “sales pitch” you have already heard several times before, and did not even attempt to hear the other, more realistic, side. You wouldn’t even buy a car that way, but apparently that is good enough for sex workers as you do your best to destroy the only livelihood they have in a recession. (What ON EARTH do you THINK happens to people when they run out of ways to survive?), but the women who are willing to bite down all their fears to present the truth to you DESERVE that you give them the respect of a hearing instead of the ongoing mockery of encouraging their worst adversaries to lie against their best interests instead.

No-one knows how far this recession will go before it turns. There is no money to meet everybody’s needs.

Next week’s budget will leave a few more people with no survivable alternative to sex work, god knows why you feel it will be *a good thing* to make that harder still on them, by taking away the market on which their last resort depends. You are all comfortably off, and get enough even in expenses to provide for at least any of those women without her having to sell sex.

What could you possibly  know about the terrifying and dire consequences of taking that last option income away? Yet you are not even willing to try and learn about it from the people who do.

Because of the recession and cutbacks in essential resources that cannot be avoided, there are ALREADY too many sex workers competing for demand that is dwindling because of the recession. The women have to offer more invasive services, more cheaply, to compete, because they still need the money just as badly to survive and keep their homes and families together because their lives have fallen through the ever widening gaps in the welfare net.

(The impression of the majority of sex workers as addicts or similar who are prevented from rehabilitation by deriving an income from sex work is yet another outright lie used as propaganda by the NGOs. The majority of sex workers are mothers, paying the same kind of essential bills as anyone else. We never had a welfare net that took care of everybody,  there were always some people left out, and now we can’t even to sustain the welfare net we have.)

If you “reduce the demand” you will not reduce sex workers real need for the money, you will just make their lives impossible.

“Turn Off the Red Light” core orgs are fully aware of this, but do not want to tell the truth about it, because they would rather abuse that situation to force enough of the women to engage with them *against their will* out of sheer desperation so that they can justify continued and even increased funding, the women who do not engage with them are designated collateral damage in their race to the bottom for funding allocation.

To claim that supports are, or will be, available goes  beyond mockery. The “Turn Off the Red Light” orgs have never had any real help to offer apart from ongoing indoctrination in the alternate reality they have cultivated in support of their agenda that has become a cult like ideology that is as far removed from the reality of sex workers lives, and as unhealthy as handing over their lives to a dysfunctional religious cult.

In addition I have always been lead to believe that telling another person what they think and feel is abusive, harmful and destructive, but apparently if it is a “Turn Off the Red Light” member org, treating a sex worker that way it suddenly becomes helpful and supportive…to everyone but the sex worker on the receiving end, who is likely to suffer severe PTSD from the cognitive dissonance alone.

Would you place your life, and family, at the mercy of a weird cult who treat you as a child, regularly lie to you and about you and demand you pretend that black is white. Because that is what Ruhama and affiliated orgs want laws to force and state funding to pursue.

(I have absolutely no idea how anyone can justify sanctioning the Immigrant Council of Ireland to deploy the majority of their funding on salaries and administration costs,  not related to immigrants, but to a propaganda initiative to abolish sex work. To me that seems to meet the criteria for criminal fraud.)

I am a former sex worker, I am also autistic and barely able to function in quite normal ways, but I have risked everything, and pushed myself to the limit, not only mentally and emotionally, but physically using the intelligence I do have in abundance any way I can to fight the cold blooded abomination of the “Turn Of The Red Light” campaign. I have even gone so far as to reveal my real name and risk devastating consequences to my own life. I have done this because the future and safety of up to 2000 sex workers, in Ireland, and their families are worth a hundred times more than I could ever give.

There is nothing in it for me. Because I am autistic I would not be able to cope with any gratuity anyone could offer me (Early on Ruhama tried hinting at offering me a publishing contract if I would change sides. Leaving aside the shocking disregard for the fact that I might be equipped with a moral compass that overrides self interest, I would live in dread of everything a publishing contract entails.) But I could not live with watching the terrible harm the legislation proposed by “Turn of the Red Light” will do, unless I knew I had done my utmost to stop it.

That effort will never make me fit to wash Dolores Lynch’s feet, but I suspect it makes me far better than every one of you deciding to refuse to even listen to real sex workers, before deciding to destroy their lives and pretend it is for their own good.

Let me show you the, remarkably similar, pattern of contempt with which just two of you have personally chosen to treat me in return.

Katherine Zappone approached *me* at the recent conference (We would have been effectively excluded from that if one person in the NGOs had not broken ranks and informed one of us in time for some of us to request invitations because they could not stomach the conspiracy of exclusion) and *ASKED ME* if I would speak to the Justice Committee and would I contact them first thing Monday (as I did) to organise it…turns out that was just empty words, mockery for effect. (pity, because being stupid enough to take her at her word meant I held off on making arrangements to see my nephew and Grandaughter before Christmas to be on standby for the committee until it is now too late to book flights that I can afford…and all just to be made a fool of.)

In 1993 because I was getting some media attention, Anne Ferris called me, to ask SO many questions and show SO much support for sex workers. She asked me if I had anything written down for Liz McManus. I didn’t even have an income or any savings. (I was just living on a credit card, sitting around buried in books trying not to think about the day I would be left with nothing at all and would probably have to take my life) but I got an old client to drive me around, into a public copying machine in Dublin which I got him to pay for, and dropped 20 or 30 pages into the constituency office, 45 miles from my home, by 1am. I did this because I understand how fast publicity related political interest can wane…

I am still waiting for an acknowledgement as we approach 2013…because that was the same kind of empty words and mockery for effect too (a reminder earlier this year was also ignored despite Anne Ferris being one of my local TDs. Several local voters are just as unimpressed as I with that). I did not even, at any time, refer to, or ask for assistance with my own desperate situation. I was pleading for other people, but I still wasn’t even worth acknowledging.

I have no illusions left for anyone to play on now. I dreaded coming before the committee because I am too angry, for too many reasons and too autistic to be able to guarantee to contain that. But I honestly do not see why you must deny all the people you are determined to make life impossible for even a fair hearing. For some sex workers you will literally be writing their death warrants (that would have been the case for me at several times in my life and may be so again soon enough) yet you will not let them plead their own case, preferring to listen instead to their adversaries lying about them.

In a decade or so “Turn Off the Red Light” and “The Swedish Model” and the REAL consequences will be as big a scandal as the Magdalene Laundries – the only real advantage is the vote catching potential through appeasing a bloc of corrupt, self serving, NGOs.

That is truth.

As the “Information Age” has quietly become the “Propaganda Age”, truth is the one thing nobody wants to care about any more.

It wouldn’t kill any of you to treat a few free sex workers who are independent of the NGOs like fully paid up members of the human race and listen to them for a couple of hours before you do your best to destroy their world without a court of appeal.

Of course there is a way to avoid destroying sex workers without alienating the NGOs and losing votes. Give the NGOs what they are asking for, but then exempt licensed indoor sex workers and carefully chosen street zones from the provisions of the act. Hypocritical, but that way nobody’s life or family needs to be destroyed. With the additional advantage of limiting the element of illegal immigration and isolating any incidence of trafficking.

Think on it.


Gaye Dalton