This is my real goodbye.

I sat down to write this meaning to tell you all the good things I have learned, about me, and the world…and then I realised, if I did that I would have to shoot you.

“Firefights on the belt of Orion” are SO 1992…these eyes have seen painstaking personal initiatives that ran coldbloodedly parallel to every passionate and painful real emotion you could imagine that will still be keeping the fire away from innocent lives, never mind pulling a few back from it, for decades or even centuries…as long as nobody produces an informed analytical deconstruction and exposes the wires and mirrors behind the smoke.

The best and most beautiful stories are the ones that can never be told, or they will lose their power.

Propaganda is not a good thing, or a bad thing, it’s value is in how you use it, and what you use it for…a skilled and talented dancer can take any hand as partner blind and perform the steps to near perfection towards any goal, you don’t even need to know which side they are on if you are good enough.

I am a propaganda dancer. I will never be for sale, I can only be earned.

I have danced well, but not as well as I wanted to, for the decent, intelligent women who get in at 2am, kick off their stilettos and stuff sports gear into the washing machine, while baby wiping their make up off with the other hand, wondering how long you can manage on 4 hours sleep a night and not start to see things that are not there.

Warmed up I think I danced a little better for the city women who took a crash course in cultivation and started growing crops on their window ledges while barrel bombs fell around them (and they still had to figure out how to get that sports kit clean, no water, no electricity)…and the women who turfed trying-not-to-be-scared boys out onto the streets laughing, clapping and filming them as they threw anything they could lay hands on onto bonfires to blind combat choppers and/or make small people feel empowered.

I danced in tears for a fallen dancer…or two…

I will never dance for the corrupt and greedy, or those who offer me power and gain.

I am who I am dancer, liberal, Muslim, alien and seeing others of my troupe in action I am finally proud of who I am.

I will always dance just out of reach…but if you truly need me I will dance for you…unless another dancer gets their first.

We are the angels of the virtual age…far from perfect, but very, very good at what we do, and as long as you are innocent, we love you, however much you may despise us, and we always will.