FINAL NOTICE: Media Whores

I do not really care which side you say you are on, because the story ends the same for you either way. You get exactly the same slice of the same pie win or lose as long as your public profile is high enough.

I hope you didn’t have the idea I hadn’t figured than one out?

Again, I couldn’t care less. I wouldn’t even have a problem with Ruhama and “Turn Off the Red Light” printing their own money and annexing Europe AS LONG AS THEY WERE NOT GOING TO DO ANY HARM.

Same rules apply to you.

I am a little different, my only interest is in damage limitation for the innocent people. You can keep your ruddy pie and I will even put a cherry on top, but the endless scramble for a bigger and better piece of that pie is now constantly in conflict with the best interests of the issue.

Ordinary people can sniff out the difference between sincerity and self interest like Tanqueray and tend to zone out the latter, we cannot afford that now we need every point we can get. Yet you are now piling on every sincere, issue driven, activist that sticks their head over the parapet

This is not acceptable and must stop.

You can have your fame and your fortune, as long as you do not sacrifice the issue of sex worker rights and all the innocent women and children involved to it like so many alternative abolitionists.

Now STAND DOWN and let those of us who really care get on with the job…

…and when it is all over we will stand in the audience, clapping politely while you collect the laurels that mean so very much to you and nothing to us.

Thank you for your time and attention


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