Hardline Christian Unionism in Ulster

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I think that’s what’s wrong with the DUPers, they just need some manly love. Half of them are in the closet I bet, others are planting cameras and recording ladies on the loo(and pretending it wasn’t a sexual thing).

It is not the very few who are in the closet (for whatever reason, be it same sex attraction or installing CCTV where CCTV should not be!) that are the problem, rather the far, far more who are left no way to work out who they are and where they should be on the road to Narnia.

They are conditioned to believe most of this stuff from the cradle, (as were their parents before them, so there is no abusive intent, it is usually done with real kindness…which makes it worse in the long run as kids are ultra sensitive to abuse and bridle at it.). As a result they have no real powers of critical thinking. You can bring in eyewitnesses to tell them the truth and they will dismiss it out of hand because it doesn’t suit them and the bible/a self interested party/a tabloid says otherwise…the one thing they will not do is open the mind and *THINK* about what you have shown them. They will never try to imagine themselves in the real position you describe (how many of them have ever tried to imagine what it would be like to love someone deeply, truly and mutually without being able to share that love fully for life with a family just because you are the same gender? NOT ONE!). They never have any interest in getting to the hard facts…they are only interested in what they have been told to believe by approved sources, some of which are blatantly dishonest and/or frankly bizarre!

I had it with the sex work issue…I am a Grandmother who walks with a cane…and is hated equally by the *official* sex industry and the *official* rescue industry and nobody pays me. But the fastest way to get blocked on twitter or facebook (email are ignored) was to offer to meet a DUP MLA and explain the reality of sex work…ok, maybe that was an allergy…I didn’t feel great about meeting dinosaurs either, but then they got their law based of one sided, false evidence and had the sheer cheek to state that they never got offered a chance to meet any sex workers!

If that had been me I would have been frantic to meet all sides to make sure I was not doing anything to harm innocent people…but they only wanted to meet anyone who would tell them what they wanted to hear…and every single one of those people had a separate vested material interest in telling them what they wanted to hear too. Those people were listened to with the greatest courtesy. The token few who were allowed put an opposing point of view were maligned and abused, even live on camera. My life was deliberately and unlawfully put in danger for daring to send sworn testimony they did not even bother to read…

*did not even bother to read* are the key words here, because that says it all…and that is not exclusive to the sex work issue, it is their whole way of life.

Like a classic narcissist, all these people take in are enough facts to use to impose control…that’s nasty, no-one would disagree…but once it goes into the second and third generation of that attitude it also means that they are sealed off from every aspect of the reality they attempt to impose control upon…and constantly reinforced in that by their peers…

Just supposing one of them broke ranks, and decided to think for himself, take off the blindfold *LOOK* at the hard facts of life?

What would happen to his fancy job, his nice house, his car, his loving family and the “Christian community” that insulates him from every bad thing bar illness or death?


GONE…just like that.

So a lot of these people are keeping a great deal more than a penchant for their own gender or CCTV with which to watch the opposite one in their closets…

…they also have to keep most of who they are, what they believe and what they feel in there too…with the door locked and barred so they never have to look at it themselves.

The more intelligent they are the worse the damage that does to them inside…

…and to the world around them as long as they have any power over it.

I hope I am wrong, but to me it looks like a death trap culture there is no escape from, which means the less power that culture has, and the sooner it dies out, the better.

The heartbreaking part is that under it all they are people…some good, some bad…some talented, some skilled, some thick as two short planks but all unique and precious…

They are people who will never be allowed to be truly alive, and there was not even any malice in that…


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