I Renounce Feminism

…and I am very serious about it.

It came to me today when I was thinking about the way some people can’t wait to abuse power as soon as they have a chance.

That is exactly what feminists have done. As soon as they became a political power to be reckoned with they deployed that power to exploit, abuse and control sex workers.

They didn’t do that because they were misguided, they already spent more than 20 years coldly and deliberately laying the groundwork of propaganda, intimidation and disenfranchisement.

They didn’t have a good reason, all the “reasons” they lay claim to are lies and they should know, they made them up.

They routinely gloat and revel in the distress and harm they cause to largely blameless sex workers.

At this time “feminism” is become a synonym for “abuse of power”, not just in terms of sex work but across the board, because as soon as people discover that they can abuse that kind of power it becomes an addiction they can never see a reason to to recover from.

I have seen more evidence of feminism as abuse of power in a wide rage of issues than I care to think about, always the same cliques too. They behave at least as badly as the “patriarchy” they affect to condemn.

There are no circumstances under which I will ever support the abuse of power.

Therefore I renounce feminism.

I have never let my gender define me anyway.