I Will Not Be Voting For Simon Harris

I bet you thought this one was going to make “War and Peace” look like a pamphlet?

Not so, Simon Harris ignores you completely unless you are of use to an agenda he has a stake in, but that isn’t unusual.

Slightly more unusual are how many things he has a stake in that I am convinced should be subject to public enquiry, if not outright criminalisation.

At the end of the day he is just a throwback to the old school politicians who voted through Magdalene and other asylums and was always happy to be of every assistance in ensuring your unwanted and/or pregnant relatives were properly “helped and supported” in one of them.

I can’t go into all the reasons why I won’t be voting for Simon Harris, life is too short, so I am just going to pick the most telling one.

A few years ago I was told by one of the self-appointed Parent Experts on Autism in County Wicklow not to take too much offence at Simon Harris’ little “Triple A”  Autism site as he was only young and it was really about low function Autism, not people like me, because he had a sibling with that condition.

But for heaven’s sake don’t get Simon Harris mixed up with his brother Adam Harris I am told the latter is a very nice guy, at least as high function as I am.

That should be enough reason.

Oh…I also sent him this email, on 26 February 2015

…and they are not on the same side either…

But honestly, only for form’s sake to have proof that he would ignore the danger I, a constituent, was in because I don’t suit his agenda.