In the Name of Faith, or Propaganda

Have you ever wondered what Men’s Rights Activists talk about?

Terry O’Brien an ordinary Australian MRA, 11 April 2015 (and I am posting this here mostly so that *I* do not mislay it):

It’s been a part of human existence to “believe” since we couldn’t know to an adequate degree.

It’s almost impossible to show people that they don’t need ideology or religion.

People can actually seek truth for themselves.

Descartes, at one point of his life, refused to believe anything that could not be absolutely proven.

All be required was one thing to start him.

Then off he went.

So we don’t have to spend a lifetime searching. Someone else has shone a light on truth, and all we have to do is apply some scrutiny and understanding.

But it’s become obvious that many people see truth and fact as obstacles to be overcome.

They cannot process facts, simply because it will not give them what they desire. They do not consider the dysfunctionality of their desires either.

Without the capacity to process facts, comes the incapacity to comprehend accountability. This occurs because many people see consequences as something that can be passed off onto others.

Yuri Bezmenov noticed that when useful idiots were invited into Russia, and were stood in front of gulags and concentration camps, where they could see, hear, touch and smell facts, they still refused to believe it.

Interestingly, he adds that when a military jackboot crushes their balls, then they believe.

The reason for that is, without the capacity to process facts, of comprehend consequences and accountability, the capacity of reason is lost.

Without the capacity to reason, all that remains is coercion, manipulation and force.

These people communicate in violence because it’s all they understand.

So in the end, they lie, and threaten violence. Carrying it out as far as they can get away with it.

…and that song also has music…

Me November 2013

One of my adversaries asked me to put some of the music I allude to in that old memoir on this site, which seems inappropriate but I suspect it was because he thought it was just something I had made up for effect, as so many of his friends at “Turn Off the Red Light” make things up for effect as a matter of course.

He mustn’t be the only person who thinks I made that up

I don’t do that. He was duly, if only briefly, chastened, by that reality

Act of Faith

(The bell in the beginning is a detuned clip of the actual church bell my Grandma and her sisters would have heard on their way to work before WWI)

I include this because it is so appropriate to this consultation, in such deep ways. It is a piece I wrote in collaboration with my ex. It is based on the striking similarity between the due process of the Crucifiction of Jesus and the Auto Da Fe that the Catholic Church instituted in his name. The music follows that process all the way through life, arrest, torture, trial, relaxation to the secular, and death to the pious celebration of the perpetrators as they move on to the next victim.

When you look at it that way it gets very obvious that Jesus’ wishes concerning the treatment of human beings had been significantly misinterpreted by his church. But it is also the story of other abominations committed by human beings in the guise of faith. The Nazi Holocaust, the Magdalene Laundries (I shouldn’t imagine Dachau and Sean McDermot St felt very different for the victims) Ruanda. That list of “Acts of Faith” that are synonymous with torture and human rights abuses is endless.

In 10 or 20 years time, when the political pendulum has swung “Turn Off the Red Light” will be recognised as yet another abomination to add to the list. Destroying lives wholesale in the name of Catholicism combined with Female Chauvinism.

To my shame, I had forgotten that they are also striving to scapegoat an entire gender, and any who refuse to join in the persecution, for just about everything. I don’t “do” persecution.


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