Letter to Irish Times 31 May 2015

Sworn Testimony

My Memoir of Sex Work in Dublin Between 1987 and 1993 (written and date locked in 2001)

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From: Gaye D [mailto:mechanima@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2015 11:52 AM
To: ‘lettersed@irishtimes.com’
Subject: Rachel Moran

Rachel Moran is a crook and a liar…this is not just subjective opinion, it is hard fact, there are witnesses, I have even gone on oath about it (see attached) and I was made to pay very dearly for that by having my remote rural address and ex-directory phone numbers published with part of the affidavit for 10 months by the Justice Committee in Stormont in contravention of the data protection act.

It is my very hard life, and the people I knew that Moran is co-opting and lying about. You may well feel that the truth about a load of old prostitutes should not matter one way or another, but it matters to me, and it matters to them. It also matters to the women who sell sex today who’s lives, needs and natures are being ruthlessly gagged and misrepresented by the “Turn Off the Red Light” campaign through the use of false evidence like Moran.

I can understand the legal reasons why the Irish Times would not want to get involved in refuting Moran’s lies, but if I live a thousand years I will never understand why the Irish Times gives her a platform to encourage her to tell more of them.

I came back into this issue in 2011 because I have lived, and go on living the truth of not only real survival sex work, but also the mental and emotional abuse that is the only alternative on offer from travesties like Ruhama that do not even treat sex workers as intelligent, autonomous adults.

There is no help or rescue, and never has been, just an agenda of ambition and funding justification based on a lurid “sex slave” mythology with no basis in fact that more rightly belongs in a penny dreadful than government consultations and the media.

Help that only addresses mythology is of no use to real people in the real world however desperate they are, and believe me, the primary objective of Swedish Model Legislation is to attack the earnings of sex workers making the most vulnerable survival sex workers even more desperate and bringing more elective sex workers into the net of desperation for the first time. “Rescue” from pimps and traffickers that never existed and “recovery” from rape and coercion that never happened is no use to them. Being made subject to compliance with a whole ideological mythology is actually a very traumatic form of mental and emotional abuse.

The problems and damage that left me with no alternative but sell sex almost 30 years ago did not evaporate in the meanwhile. I have crawled through some kind of existence nobody would recognize as life entirely alone for all that time. I looked for help frantically, but all the influence of Ruhama and affiliates had done was ensure that the only resources available would actively compound my existing problems and damage, and all for petty ambition. Even to look at the dangerous and condescending lies they tell is to guarantee I will lose my temper and melt down, not just for the past week or so but for more than 20 years.

I have always placed a high priority on being a good person, on sticking strictly to the truth, and on placing the needs of other, innocent people before my own, and for what? To see crooks and predators carried shoulder high by the NGOs that pretend to help people like me, while the lives of people like me are left to rot in shadows if they are not pushed off a cliff entirely.

Moran is a very small cog in the corrupt machine that is “Turn Off the Red Light” but something in me snapped for good to see her rubbish encouraged and given precedence over reality. I am past caring what happens to me now in a world run on those terms. It is one thing to suspect that there is no truth and justice in the world, but quite another to know for certain.

You will not publish this…legally you can’t without completely changing the meaning, but perhaps it will ignite enough of a spark of conscience for the Irish Times to come looking for the objective truth…not to sensationalise me (I have no book to sell, and no cottage industry NGO to promote I don’t even have a future), but to stem the riptide of lies.


Gaye Dalton
(Name and address given)


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