Moral Panic: A Licence to Abuse

….and then one morning I woke up and realized that every word below applies equally to “Autism Speaks” (and the ethos of almost the entire NGO and social services sector). Something is HORRIBLY WRONG in a world where it is so easily possible to make a fortune out of an NGO that is universally hated and feared by it’s declared “user group”. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING???

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Abusers are irresistibly drawn towards moral panic. It creates an ideal situation for them by imposing an underclass status on any opponents that denies them full human rights and equality of legal and moral worth. Hard wrung truth is held to an impossibly high standard of proof of evidence while the most blatant and obvious of lies go through on a nod and a wink as long as they accord with the overall agenda of moral panic.

At it’s worst moral panic, including abolitionism, is a ready made package of permission and reinforcement for mental and emotional abuse.

It has all you need. There is a whole structure for completely invalidating anyone who does not support your position. It is gaslighting on a massive scale that can be adapted to any interaction, even the most intimate.

On a personal level it is possible to pick a target and use the framework of moral panic to dismiss everything they are, everything they have experienced and everything they believe…completely…

Just like that…

You have all the reinforcement you could ever need to erase the reality of a human being in preparation for reinventing them to suit whatever use and abuse you have for them.

It takes interpersonal mental and emotional abuse to a whole new level that we do not really have terminology for yet outside of cult and similar abuse:

Let me make that personal for you.

I have a whole life remembered in very literal terms, because I am autistic, and very objectively because I am a recluse with few, if any subjective influences on my recall. Either I have forgotten a thing, or I remember it accurately…there is no internal editing and filtering at all (that means I don’t get to delete the embarrassing bits the way I would certainly prefer to).

Abolitionism means a fraud called Rachel Moran, who was never there, being encouraged and supported in reinventing the facts of 6 years of my life and all the people I knew at that time, which happens to be the time in my life with the most interactions and interpersonal relationships.

Rachel Moran’s deliberate fraud erases those six years (about 12% of my life) and probably as much as 30-40% of the people I have known and interacted with – but bad as she is Rachel Moran is only the fraud who got up on the bandwagon nearest my own life and memories, she is supported by an entire infrastructure that decrees that sex workers are delusional unless they agree with the abolitionist lobbies.

As a result, everything I remember (and wrote down years ago) is erased, every feeling I have about it all is invalidated and every objective conclusion I arrived at based on the 6 years I experienced is dismissed by the unsubstantiated agenda of people who have never been in a position to know anything at all about sex work and would not have anything to gain by telling the truth about it if they had.

They haven’t just rewritten 6 years of my life, they have rewritten the 22 years since lived as the person I became because of my *real* experience in a world they are determined to prove never happened.

That alone has the potential to do irreparable damage to my faith in my own perception, my identity and my sense of self – but imagine how vulnerable it leaves me to more specifically targeted abuse if someone chooses to utilize it.

It has already happened to me, there has already been at least one person who’s entire interaction with me consisted in manipulative mental and emotional abuse that capitalized on the above. There was nothing else, just that, intense and unrelenting, without even lip service to more normal interaction in between.

Looking back, objectively, it is almost impossible to believe anyone could justify behaving that way to another human being. I was being deliberately “groomed” to submit gratefully to a perception of myself as some kind of subhuman rescue project and to accept this, and the insane demands that went with it, as somehow normal and dismiss any doubts in my mind as dysfunction.

…and all the while my assailant had all the reinforcement to draw on they could ever want from the abolitionist lobby telling them it was perfectly ok to batter me mentally and emotionally at will.

I wasn’t the first and I will not be the last, and most of the victims will not have the kind of defence mechanisms I had to grow to survive my own family.

This evil is beyond all excuse…


There was something of a refutation in direct response to this:

Did you know that I am a charity case?

Everybody needs human contact, affection, to belong, to be loved –

That makes everyone a charity case…!

(charity is another word for love fyi).

Who does not need these?

The friction began when you insisted on taking my unconditional acceptance of you as an interest in a romantic relationship – despite repeated assurances from me that this was not correct.

You will note I still accept you unconditionally and bear no ill will.

More interesting in the context of my own repeatedly expressed sentiments, such as:

Does it relate a little to a concept that came to me recently of charity as the antithesis of equality in transferring the power of the recipient to the giver I wonder? I suspect so.


Charity is the antithesis of autonomy, scratch the surface and it is just a way of transferring the power and autonomy of the targets to the Charities…for good. Sex work is the autonomous choice those who make it are seldom compatible with the dependence of the Charities Nordic Model legislation aims to coerce them towards with the destruction of their livelihoods.

Refutation that is a great deal more telling than it was ever intended to be…

Connoisseurs of head feck will find this extended version of the same mind truly fascinating…and relevant, so very relevant (see comments, different sock puppet, there were several, only one indexed)…









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