Myth: Abolitionists Would Hate to See Anyone Shot in Cold Blood

First, I am going to get down on my knees and apologise because this has to be all about me, and that is NOT how I feel it.

THEY, and others like them, are how I feel it and the reason why it matters so very, VERY much. I just happen to be the place where they planted the red warning flag.

A little while ago, abolitionists in the volatile North of Ireland decided to make my contact details public, knowing that I live alone, my location is remote and I am not in a position to be realistically able to move. They did this without one word of objection from abolitionist orgs “Turn Off the Red Light” and “Ruhama”.

More recently “Turn Off the Red Light” have begun hosting extremist ravings on their facebook page accusing me of promoting pedophillia by name (this is contrary to civil law in Ireland but I do not have the support, or funds, to fight it, and they would know that), a clear cry for a witch-hunt.

Now what kind of effect do you think they are aiming for?

No doubt they just want to make it as easy as possible for sympathisers to leave cash donations through my letter box, hold surprise parties, etc and so forth…

If I ever catch them doing anything like this to anybody else GOD FUCKING HELP THEM, because nobody else will be able to.

Their clear priority is not avoiding harm, it is just ensuring they can get away with the harm they do.  That is the reality of your caring, state sponsored abolitionists.

As a final afterword:

Since my details were published I have been constantly too exhausted to do anything. All tests have been done and there is no physical cause. I do not seem to be able to relax enough to sleep deeply and spend the night napping one hour at a time. My Doctor is horrified.

You don’t have to care about *me*, but nobody should ever be able to get away with doing this to ANYONE…PLEASE wake up and stop them before similar covert abuses become commonplace and even more overt.




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