Myth: All Sexworkers are Predators

Don’t go away without signing:

Shut Down Samaritans Radar 

Now here is me, invoking those powerful tools:

  • Red Top Sensationalism full of sex and crime
  • Moral panic

…because of the punchline at the end (which is 100% true), as well as all the more objective analyses I have linked, and the other ones I haven’t spotted yet.

My convicted crime boss brother opining on sex work:

“As for adjusting to predatory people, you have already admitted your role as a sex worker, you can’t get much more predatory than being involved in that business. Being a predator is the principle of the job description. There is a far worse name for women that indulge in such activities minus the predatory factor”

Apart from the fact that the sheer, multilateral cluelessness of that statement in terms of any sex work related agenda I ever heard absolves him of all connection to organized human trafficking (and the curious questions it raises about the ethical standard he uses to evaluate predation in general, which he would appear to consider a worse crime if you do not make any money), is there any kind of truth in what he says?

…and why am I suddenly raising this awkward issue anyway?

Take a look at the growing controversy over the #SamaritansRadar project:

One of the oldest and most reputable charities in the Uk and Ireland are running a non-consensual global surveillance project using computer algorithms to determine your state of mind and alert any follower who chooses to subscribe to when the algorithms think you might be vulnerable.

It would  make a great fund raising publicity stunt for the coming “Dr Who” Christmas Special, but it is not that, it is real.

Loads of bloggers who are more current on mental health issue than I have already spelled out their objections. Read any I have posted (trying to post any I can locate in a hurry, I am doing three things at once here, but there a LOADS more just as good), check #SamaritansRadar for more, they are all valid.

But I bet this is the objection that finally shuts it down.

A lot of scantily dressed young women from outside UK have been noticed subscribing.

Are these sex workers hoping to cash in on the vulnerability of men?

Not really, most sex workers, like me, sell simple, good-natured, sex and despise the predators who effectively sell an illusion of love instead perhaps more than most people do, because we often get to clean up the mess they leave behind…not because that is part of sex work, but because it is part of being a decent human being. Sex work is just the reason why we see that mess at all.

But you have to ask yourself, if  “The Samaritans” have finally become so arrogant, with such a drive to control, that all the other objections mean nothing to them, they hardly want to be running an online tool to enable ruthless gold diggers to bleed vulnerable men white…

Do they?

PS. Now factor everything I have said above into the online grooming of children by pedophiles. When you calm down and your hands stop shaking, email the Samaritans and tell them to cut this out.


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