Myth: Children Would Rather Starve Than Work In a Sweat Shop

Go on, pop over to India, or Malaysia and ASK some of those kids if they would prefer you shut the sweat shop down so they could starve…

I can wait…

Or will you just take my word for it that the answer would be:

“We may just be kids but how dumb do you think we are? We wouldn’t be working these shit hours in this crummy place if we would rather starve, would we?”

Of course the chances are they would say it in a dialect that gave them a far more colourful selection of expletives.

It is a universal truth that no matter how limited the alternatives, in tests, 8 out of ten disadvantaged people would prefer not to starve (and the other two already lost their minds from being asked such stupid, obvious questions).

Another universal truth is that the very best of mothers fall on their knees and thank the heavens they have the option of selling sex rather than see their children work in sweat shops, let alone starving in front of their eyes.

Can you imagine that? Watching your own child starve to death when all you have to do to save him is sell a little sex to polite, well behaved men?

Could you live with that…seriously, for the next 60 or 70 years, KNOWING that is what you did to your own child to “save the world from gender inequality”?

Guess what? Like it or not, every other mother’s child I ever laid eyes on or heard of is worth just as much as your own.

Starving them is just as wrong…

“But they only THINK they have no alternatives” I hear you caterwaul in unison or chant in plainsong.

Apart from the fact that little children, of their very nature are far more direct and literal than adults about things like that…let me hand you over to Molli Desi for a big slice of those “alternatives”

(Incidentally, that *IS* the sanitised version…you should hear some of the things Molli tells us about the “happy time” in the orphanage…they would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end…and always remind me of the similar “happy stories” a woman called Jay that I worked with used to tell about her time in the hell called Goldenbridge. Worlds and generations apart their lives and options were so 100%, 24 carat fucked up they retain a deeply weird idea of what a “happy time” consists of into adulthood.)  

But if you take their choices away they will soon all be dead and you won’t have to bother about them any more…because that IS the real deal, whether you admit it to yourself or not.

It is SCARY to have your nose rubbed in the fact that there are not always alternatives to some form of hell. What makes it scary is knowing that if that can happen to anyone it might, someday happen to you…so better to pretend it never really happens…and if that means forcing through ideologies and legislation that writes the death warrants of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of innocent people and children *shrugs* no broken eggs = no omelette, and that wouldn’t be very fair on you, would it?

The life of a woman in her 20s on the other side of the world trying to feed 6 children (of whom only two are her own, not uncommon in the third world) really hasn’t got a prayer compared to the importance on ENSURING you send a STRONG MESSAGE to the old man sitting opposite you on the bus that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES must he EVEN WONDER if your sexual services are for sale…

Nah…let ’em die…I mean, it’s not as if they ever show up in your local pub or “women’s group”…it is not as if you will ever have to EXPLAIN yourself to them…and besides…what about the positives?

You DID save them from selling sex and working in sweatshops.

You do know these people are just like you? Just as complex, intelligent and emotional. They have opinions, hopes, dreams, favourite colours, favourite songs…

Just like you…

Some of them don’t even live on the far side of the world. Economic desperation happened in our society…in your town, on your street, even in the boom…

Some of the factors that created it might be different…but a lot of them would be remarkably similar…including that “no option” thing.

When I was a sex worker I was on Waterloo and Burlington Roads, stuck between Bohemian chic and “superrich”.

For much of that time I had absolutely no way to survive more than a few weeks if I could not sell sex…as everyone around me had no idea a situation like that could even EXIST.

Seriously, is it likely that myself, and a young mum from the Borders who was a dead ringer for Julia Roberts stood out for 7 hours in subzero temperatures (no, God does not give whores special immunity from cold, we feel it just like you) on Christmas eve to get a couple of clients without evaluating the availability of other options VERY CAREFULLY INDEED?

Trust me, we weren’t overlooking some obvious truth you could point out to us in a trice.

Yet the people around us, who will never know such pain and day to day desperation in their lives did all they could to make our impossible lives even worse.

In some cases the money they wasted on their summer holidays would have changed our lives.

Anyway, of course I understand why you simply *MUST* crush us underfoot and destroy what little life we have left to protect you own gender equality, and give your local women’s group an excuse to party…

…just don’t expect us all to be good sports about that…

In fact honey…I have every intention to DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE…

…not for me, I am old, my life is over…but for all the young women and families who might have half a chance if you just left them in peace to make the decisions that they, not you, will pay the price of…

(…and no, leaving them in peace to sell sex while destroying the market they need to sell sex in is *NOT* the same as “leaving them in peace to make their own decisions”, and, not-so-deep-inside I think you know that perfectly well, and just do not care.)


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