Myth: Cut the Red Wire to Stop the Countdown

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…because I am not sure cutting the red wire will not just precipitate detonation.

Let me explain my predicament. I have been with this issue, in Ireland for more than 25 years, and, in that time you stack up a LOT of data.

I believe my first guess was almost the right one. This is not so much about two unwholesome monopolies with huge media clout tearing the sex industry apart like coursing greyhounds as carving it up between them.

“Turn Off the Red Light” and all who sail in it, stand to gain huge amounts of power, influence, service provision funding and career credits from the Nordic Model.

“Escort Ireland” are restructured to copperfasten their closed shop monopoly of every aspect of sex work in Ireland, including service provision and police liaison and make literally millions out the Nordic Model.

The beauty of that symbiosis is that the more you try to take down one side, the more you reinforce the other.

The only people with everything to lose and nothing to gain from the Nordic Model are every conceivable class of ordinary, decent sex workers.

I now know who is really in control of Escort Ireland, which also shows me how much influence they can really bring to bear on the media etc. It’s frightening. With the help of old friends I managed to run to ground a couple of women who can no longer work in Ireland because they got on the wrong side of Escort Ireland. Nobody threatened or harmed them, it was just made impossible for them to get any work.

Now I can cut the red wire and take the identity of the real owner of Escort Ireland  to any one of a number of bottom of the barrel journalists (half of whom know it already and hide it in return for an ongoing feed of juicy stories leading to a persistent media misdirect)…but if I do, everything blows sky high, Turn Off the Red Light  make huge gains on invalid premise, and the innocent women suffer more than anyone.

If I do nothing Escort Ireland go on ensuring that everything that opposes Turn Off the Red Light can easily be attributed to their influence and dismissed…until the countdown hits zero, everything blows sky high, Turn Off the Red Light  present themselves as otherwise unopposed, make huge gains on invalid premise, and the innocent women suffer more than anyone.

I realize the truth is not that there is a battle between Turn Off the Red Light and Escort Ireland, but rather that the rights and best interests of every sex worker in Ireland are under constant assault from a ruthless, self serving symbiosis of Turn Off the Red Light and Escort Ireland who do everything in their individual power to divide and retain totalitarian control over all aspects of the sex industry and how it is presented between them, and this is nothing new.

I do not think there is a solution. Sex workers dare not stand up to Escort Ireland in one way, and dare not stand up to “Turn Off the Red Light” in another and seem set to be preyed upon by one or both for another 20 years without hope of human rights or justice. Even the Sex Worker Alliance of Ireland is part of that symbiosis with strong ties to both sides and no ties whatsoever to sex workers in general.

Whatever else I might have been able to have in my life there is no way I can even be at peace with the world knowing it to be so toxic and unjust. It leaves me dreading the dependence of old age as Soviets once dreaded the Gulags.

I will fight this until someone finds a way to kill me and get away with it. My only regret is that I averted my eyes and did not go on fighting it for so many years.

Contact: mechanima at gmail



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