Myth: Eradicating Sex Workers is Serious Work

No it isn’t, truly, in fact it seems to be an excuse to get all dressed up, pile on make up and have a bit of a giggle “selling” the “Turn Off the Red Light” line.

Because that is EXACTLY what they do.

If I hadn’t seen it for myself I would never have believed it.

These people disgust me, I know how vapid, selfish and superficial they are. I know how totally devoid of attention to empathy and honesty their actions are.

It is not just that they do not care what harm they do, they do no even want to know as long as they are having fun, feeling important and superior.

If I could eradicate them, legally, I would feel I had no choice but do it, to stop them doing any more harm than they have already, but I would never find it fun, much less a “giggle”, because however ruthless, selfish and self absorbed, they are people. Eradicating real people should NEVER be “craic”.

(And remember, I am talking about the “Turn Off the Red Light” sales team here, not the “marks” they are selling to, most of them seemed perfectly ok.).

Whenever someone tries to say or ask anything neutral and truthful, or even just outside their remit, it is expertly diverted to a reference to sex work  and a totally fictitious answer thrown out as hard fact (sometime the words “it is assumed” or “we estimate” are briefly muttered to cover it).

A lot of people know I trained in PR get a better handle on issues like these years ago. (Ironically it would seem, in the same class as Ruhama’s original PR guy on loan from the Aras.) What they do not know is that the late father of my son was trained as a Jehovah’s witness. I can translate every technique they use as a blind man reads braille. The fact that I am autistic actually makes that easier, because I am not distracted by the intuitive “knee jerk” responses these technique rely heavily upon.

I can honestly say that even from the calculated manner of delivery it has never once seemed to me that anyone from the hierarchy of Turn Off the Red Light or Ruhama has even been attempting to tell the truth about anything (I know they have never told it for certain, but there is a huge difference between being wrong and deliberate deceit).

Turn Off the Red Light are having great craic lying ruthlessly other women’s lives and families away for power, gain and, well, a bit of fun.


*Colm O’Dwyer: in case this is run past you to see if it is actionable, which I would welcome as one way to get the truth about this appalling agenda into the open (I am already older than I ever expected to be and not comfortable trying to live a real life in a world this dirty so what becomes of me is irrelevant now). I wasn’t trying to counter or correct you there in any way. You were trying to reach for words to say the right thing. If I could have got a sentence out I would have pointed out that you are quite right, street work does increase faster than indoor work in recession. Indoor work simply requires too much initial investment for someone driven by survival, apparently the entire future of the ICTU rests on these words never being uttered out loud.

**Paul Malloy of the Garda trafficking unit: This is the second time this year I have been deeply impressed by the thoughtful intelligence and sensitivity of a member of An Garda Siochana. You taught me things I would not otherwise have known. I like it when people do that.

***The several young women on the peripheries of “Turn Off the Red Light”. I am not referring to you in the above. You struck me as sweet, shy, well meaning and not there to feel superior, let alone “for the craic”. You haven’t lived long enough to know what the world is really like and are only trying to do something to make it a better place. Some of you will walk away from it all soon and get on with your real lives, which is good and has my full approval. Some of you may even wind up like me, seeing too much, knowing too much to ever be able to stop trying to find SOMETHING that can be fixed, for which I am truly sorry because that is a painful, terrifying way to live. I hope none of you will ever wind up as above…with all my heart.



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