Myth: I Am Not Anti-Trafficking

(From a personal email)

I am an exceptionally intelligent woman who grew up and lived most of my life in the absolute day to day desperation you cannot even imagine. It is not a crime not to be able to imagine it, but you still can’t.

Trafficking hysteria is predominantly a way of distracting from the impossible irresolvability of the real issues, while (in some cases) providing a backhanded rationale for tougher immigration control, sanitising racism and dismantling sections of the cultural masses humanity is not equipped to deal with, like a borderless EU.

That is why it grew so fast in the crash, not the boom.

Wherever a terrible thing can be done, there will always be someone, somewhere, doing it. so human slavery exists, just as murder does, but only in a very limited way.

About 75% of this planet live lives of poverty and desperation beyond even my experience and capacity to imagine, and however smart you are and hard you try those glass walls will always keep you there. People save for years, families club together to send *ONE* person, knowing they will probably have to sell sex or grow cannabis. Even knowing there is a substantial risk of abuse, but, even so, what they are going *to* is like a lottery win compared to all they leave behind. Many, even most send life changing money home too.

If they are caught, these days unless they claimed to be trafficked, and lay it on with a trowel, the will be imprisoned and deported back to hell and the death of their whole family’s only chance along with their own. They are not even being selfish if they lie, they are impelled by a far crueller moral imperative than the most lurid trafficking horror story you can think of.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, disabled and vulnerable people are trafficked openly in subhuman infantilised conditions. Residential services provision is the most lucrative growth industry around and NOBODY ever really checks. Real human beings live out their lives suspended in perpetual childhood in a a rigidly controlled and abusive environment with no way out, and “supported employment schemes” being introduced all the time by the management…decades since we abandoned the once common practice of “tied accomodation” as too loaded with potential for human rights abuse.

That is the reality I live in and put more than a full time week into trying to buy some time if not justice for sex workers and their families. Morrow style legislation will pass both sides of the border, sex workers will lose their homes, and ultimately their families. Coerced adoption under 7 is common north of the border and has just become constitutionally possible in the South. A couple of thousand women, who already had it hard enough with an overdose of lip service and no real help, are about to have their lives and families loaded on cattle trucks for a ride through hell with no end.

The only chance of respite being to surrender the right to freedom of thought and conscience, as well as adult autonomy and reality to be accepted into one of the insane “programs” already projected to be residential in the North.

I go on fighting because, after the life I have had, and the refresher course this consultation has been there is no way I can go on living knowing this without fighting it. That is the person I am.

I have no patience at all with people who make a hobby of “anti-trafficking”. They are clueless, misinformed and if any good they do cancels out the harm I consider we are ahead. Whatever the intention, that is the reality.

I did not create it, I just have to face the truth about it every morning when I wake up.

I can’t play along with idiocy at any price.


Now, if this gives you anything resembling a clear handle on whether I am anti-trafficking or not can you please let me know?

Because I am darned if I can work it out.

The fact that I am always pro-fact and anti-propaganda across the board offers too many complex, ideological conflicts and makes me feel too be sure either way.


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