Myth: I Never Had an Unworthy Thought in My Life

A piece of common sense and insight that gladdened my heart reminded me of an eerily relevant, real life, vignette from my own past:

Have you ever noticed, when you are kept waiting around the strangest things can go through your mind?

For instance if you are waiting in someone else’s beautiful big house it is easy to fall into looking back over a life that, though you say it yourself, never handed you even the ghost of a chance and left you clinging to survival by your fingernails, never knowing how long you will be able to hold on.

You can look around you at the beautiful big house and get a glitch in your inner political correctness that allows you to be aware that most of your fellow pupils in a school that you earned your place in by your ability and gifts have similar homes, and have never known a single day of want or hardship, or fear.

As you wait on, you can definitely develop quite a fine resentment of the woman who lives in that beautiful house. You can even so far forget the person you strive to be and observe that you were even born into the right socio-economic and intellectual class, before being exiled from it for life through no fault of your own.

Later, you should feel ashamed and recognize that such subjective resentments of strangers are unworthy of everything you expect of yourself. It is hardly the fault of a total stranger that life chose to be kind to them and unkind to you.

…and then one day you see the stranger with a beautiful house announce in small, simple words that the best and only way to stop utterly desperate women selling sex to give themselves and their families some small quality of life is to take away the market they sell sex to.

…and you realize that, however unworthy it seemed at the time, sometimes, your first thought was the right one.

For 21 years I have been finding different ways to ask one question to try and make people think about the reality of survival sex work. That question is:

“What do *you* think happens to people when they run out of ways to survive”

I believe you just infringed my copyright – and it feels like all the Christmases and birthdays I never had come at once to see it. :o)

Thank you


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