Myth: I Will Be Voting For Brian Crowley’s Recommendation For MEP

Brian Crowley?

What’s not to listen to? Brilliant, caring, educated in law, well groomed and looks the way Nick Nolte WISHES he looked…

Even without the wheelchair, he would usually have my full attention.

Why refer to the wheelchair? Because he does on his own site, and he is absolutely right (yes they do usually write this third person bumpf themselves) – adversity tempers people, no question of that.

Lord knows it has tempered me often enough.

But here is my problem, Brian Crowley voted for the Honeyball Proposal.

Now this isn’t a “unless you do what I want I will not do what you want” kind of thing…we are in our 50s (yep, him too) not preschool, but Honeyball’s bill had no evidential basis, even to the casual glance.

(You may not realise but Honeyball received this deposition days before bringing her proposal to the European Parliament, and warning of it days before that, and yet STILL quoted someone she already knew to be a fraud as a primary source. Now obviously, she hardly shared that reality with Brian Crowley, or anyone else she would ever want to respect her again, but still… )   

Now Brian Crowley is entitled to his opinions, and I am sure there is no personal hypocrisy involved. “Turn Off the Red Light” could run a very effective campaign using his smiling face captioned “Does this man pay for sex?” hanging off the side of Liberty Hall and even I would think it was cute, clever and made a REALLY significant, subliminal point about disability and sexuality.

Here is my problem:

If Mary Honeyball could pull the wool over Brian Crowley’s eyes with no evidential basis whatsoever, how do I know his recommended candidate has not done EXACTLY the same thing?

I think it should go on record that 5 weeks and a day after the last edits I made to this article (I am the typo Queen, the purge takes FOR EVER) Brian Crowley betrayed all his own hustling as well as the face he presented to the electorate that voted him in . That is a seat won on false pretences. He should resign it and allow for a by-election so that the electorate (of which I am one) can decide whether they want to vote for a perennial pretty boy or a specific agenda and set of affiliations.

Just FYI, if Brian Crowley’s turn around incorporates a sudden urge to support full decriminalisation, as far as I am concerned he can sod off with it…I do not need allies who take the piss out of me as a constituent at will.


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