Myth: Male Sense of Entitlement

Over the weekend, when I had planned other things (even other mythbusters) I found myself haunted by Elliot Rodgers and the huge areas of common ground between him, and myself, aged 22.

I had to work that out for me, and when I saw the way this tragedy is being distorted by various lobbies to suit themselves I had to set out what I had found, for anyone with eyes and a mind open enough to see it.

That took more moral courage than I usually have at my disposal, but not doing it would have set me on the slippery slope to becoming all that I most despise. On the plus side, like those pink tablets for teeth, it disclosed a lot of people too ignorant to waste my time on, along with a surprising amount of thoughtful consideration.

By Monday, predictably, all the usual suspects are blaming his suicidal killing spree on the “male sense of entitlement” that is caused by letting them buy sex and diverting it into yet another excuse to persecute sex workers on the backhand swing (for power and personal gain as per usual, yaddah, yaddah) .

Nothing could be further from the truth of course, Rodgers knew he could buy sex and that would have made no more difference than the friends (thinly disguised as social skills counsellors) his family bought for him. Rodgers was not even rejected…he was totally alienated, he had no interface with the world that could seek acceptance. I would be very surprised if we have the knowledge to fix that.

A lot of people think I am apologising or making excuses for him. I am not. In my time I have tried to draw attention to at least 4 young men in remarkably similar states of mind, when nobody else dared to. So far none of them has exploded to the same extent. One came out as gay and is in a mental hospital, one is a ruthless professional conman, the other two seem stable, for now, but tomorrow is another day.

Rodgers was wound up like a clock, the slightest thing could have stopped him, a girl approaching him in a café and talking to him, a $3000 lottery win, a head cold, but unless the right slightest thing managed to stand in his way the only thing that would stop him was a bullet.

Life, and people can be like that.

What puzzles me is why it is portrayed as such an horrific crime of (totally inaccurate) male entitlement to take 7 lives, quickly and cleanly, but a distorted sense of female entitlement that is determined to take thousands of sex workers lives slowly and cruelly through distorted, misguided and irrelevant legislation is somehow supposed to be better?

Nordic Model legislation will take more than 7 sex worker’s lives in it’s first year in Ireland alone. That is not ok.

What do we do about the far more accurately evidenced sense of female entitlement determined to do that without the merest nod at basic human rights (but a shitload of empty lip service anyway)?

If men are not allowed to sacrifice women to their creepy, crazy ideas and personal needs and satisfaction, then women are certainly not allowed to sacrifice even more women to their even creepier, crazier ideas, personal needs and satisfaction.

Do any of these radical feminist ambition machines ever wonder how it actually feels to be forced to live under their thumbs?

Even the sanest, most normal person alive can’t endure that kind of bullying and imposition without ideating on retribution to get them through each oppressed and suffocated day…

…and of all the innocent, decent women who’s lives they know perfectly well they will smash into a wall, along with their children in too many cases, are you quite sure not even one of them will pick up a gun and start shooting as she goes down?

Can you give me one reason why *ALL* of them shouldn’t?




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