Myth: Melissa Farley is the Mother of Abolitionism

I just realised that may not be true, imagine you just downloaded this from Farley’s site and have a skim through, compare it with all the stock abolitionist rhetoric. I think the writer of *THAT* is more likely to be the mother of abolitionism.

Two small problems:

  • The writer of that is me.
  • They changed the ending on me drastically.

Let me show you, page 8:

I hated every moment. It was very like having to submit to rape as many times as possible in a night. The difference is that you had to submit to sex with a different person to the one who was threatening you.

I was angry, and I wanted the justice of those responsible made to pay – the root of all abolitionism, but with one small, vital difference.

I wanted those responsible for the negligence, abuse and ruthlessness that took away every survival option but sex work and left me trapped there with no way out made to pay, and pay dearly, for every born rotten thing they ever did to me or anyone else in their worthless lives. I still want that, but it is diluted with utter despair.

I did not want the clients who were the crop I harvested to survive while I was trapped made to pay for anything, any more than I wanted the people sending me the same bills everyone else has to pay punished, they were not responsible for the nightmare I had where my life should have been.
I was all tied up in too much impotent rage and personal agony.

Sometimes, when you are out on the street it is hard to forgive the rest of society for leaving you there, and then punishing you, one way or another for it. It is a very primitive kind of rage. I think it took all my will to hold that rage in. After all I have seen, it still does.

In many ways, I am trying to accept that most people have no idea of the reality, and share the evidence of my own eyes to let them judge for themselves.

My point is actually very simple: there is no justification in trapping real innocent human beings in a nightmare, and then condemning and persecuting them for it.

One of those who did the most harm, and most deserves to be punished (even in strict accordance with current anti-trafficking legislation) going all the way back to 1980 is drawing a €100,000 salary on top of his pension in the heart of “Turn Off the Red Light” long term allies and facilitators. The part he played in the destruction of my life was not the worst thing he ever did, nor even close.*

Do you see why “Turn Off the Red Light” are so desperate to scapegoat the clients that are all we have left to survive on after they have taken everything else away now?

I sent the memoir to Melissa Farley, very early in 2001. She never even bothered to acknowledge.

This is not all in the past, according to “Turn Off the Red Light”  this is a situation (as reported 2 September 2014) best resolved and addressed by punishing the men who buy sex. Apparently ceasing and desisting from leaving human beings in situations of utter desperation would have no impact at all.

At about 9 minutes 40 seconds a mother has a far saner suggestion to make…it is a very great pity we cannot have someone with her insight as Minister for Justice.

*In the event of anyone getting any bright ideas about silencing me by finding a way to push my life off a cliff (which, considering some of the things that have already been done towards that end, isn’t even unlikely) if they should succeed, the last thing I ever do will be to fill in the names and details here, you have my word on it (a couple of trusted friends already have the relevant text and passwords).

The question you need to ask yourself is which you want more:

  • To prevent sex workers making their own case against the NGOs that abuse them as equal and autonomous adults with a full set of human rights.
  • To prevent the truth about just how deep and diverse some of the worst of the rot within the system itself really goes.








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