Myth: My Years in Gibraltar

Sworn Testimony

My Memoir of Sex Work in Dublin Between 1987 and 1993 (written and date locked in 2001)

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I have never been to Gibraltar…nor even the Costa Del Sol, but what difference does that make?

Apparently it is not necessary to really do something to have “lived experience” of it, and I am even ahead of the pack having known two couples from Gibraltar in the 70s and having lived with a former RAF squadron leader in the 80s who visited there a few times (He only mentioned it in passing, but hey, what difference does that make?).

Rachel Moran, author of “Paid For” is a liar who was never a sex worker as she claims. From the world record she seems to be setting in gaffs and clangers about the material facts of sex work, it is unlikely she was ever a sex worker at all. It really is that simple, and it would not matter if every word she said was carefully crafted to support my own position she would still just be a liar who was never a sex worker as she claims. Knowing that, at first second and third hand, I would still feel obliged to give testimony, on oath if needs be, to that fact, and every word she said would still have to be discounted because she is lying about the experience she claims substantiates it.

My very fucked up family have a curious belief system whereby they are convinced that it does not matter how many lies they tell about you, or how far they misrepresent you, as long as they do not say anything they intend to be nasty. Of course, there is absolutely nothing nastier, more disempowering or more dehumanising than being deliberately presented as someone you are not, who makes decisions you would never make, does things you would never do, has had experiences you have never had and has feelings and opinions you would never hold.

That is not just insulting or defamatory. it is cold blooded moral annihilation.

Of course, Rachel Moran never intended to morally annihilate anyone. I would be very surprised if she had the slightest capacity to care about the consequences of her behaviours to anyone else. Like any x-factor contestant she saw her chance of fame and fortune and grabbed it, with several years meas rea too.

The whole point of Rachel Moran’s lies is that *she* gets to be the centre of attention, with unearned and invalid authority, and that the cash keeps rolling in. It is irrelevant to her who she hurts or harms, directly or indirectly, because she has no sense of responsibility for the consequences of her actions at all. I am told she is an obnoxious drunk, if that is so it is highly unlikely that she is also psychopathic, but she might as well be from the point of view of anyone she can use.

The thing is, it is not fair to make this all about Rachel Moran, because she is not the only person telling lies to be the centre of attention with unearned and invalid authority while the cash rolls in. Strip it back to basics and that is the entire motivation behind Ruhama and “Turn Off the Red Light” not just today, but right from the start. That is all it is about. They do not have any form of truth to offer and they are fully aware of that.

Think about it, if they were interested in the truth or reality they would be doing as I do and turning themselves inside out to persuade as many sex workers as possible to speak for themselves, whether to them, or to the general public. They would be asking sex workers questions every chance they got (the only question they ever asked me, January 2012, was “Have you ever thought of publishing a book?”) and really LISTENING to the answers.

Instead they block anyone who does not agree with them on facebook and similar and pull out of any meeting or conference where sex workers will be present. They ignore all invitations and challenges to engage. They neither talk nor listen to any sex worker who is not prepared to say whatever they want her to say (which adds up to less than a handful, a fact that should tell it’s own story, but somehow does not).

But they made a very serious mistake with Rachel Moran.

As soon as I knew (after the October 2012 conference, when I saw her) that Rachel Moran was a fraud I fulfilled my moral obligation (however much distaste I had for it) and emailed Sarah Benson of Ruhama to that effect. There was no response of any kind.

In May of this year I handed Sarah Benson of Ruhama an original sworn deposition  face to face, and left another for Denise Charlton (who, predictably remembered an urgent appointment elsewhere when it was realised I had turned up) with a girl I can identify who I feel certain was very concerned to pass it on safely.

Sooner or later somebody is going to be angry enough about being scammed by Rachel Moran (who shows her true colours eventually without any help from me to the extent that I have been contacted by abolitionists seeking further information more than once) to make a formal complaint to law enforcement.

It seems to me that the refusal of Sarah Benson or Denise Charlton to even look into the information given to them before continuing to validate and promote Rachel Moran could add up to conspiracy to defraud with a level of investigation that will not be prepared to accept assertions of “but we checked her story” without checking those assertions in turn, and when they do those assertions will turn out to be deliberate deceit.

Ruhama and “Turn Off the Red Light” were given the opportunity to investigate and dismiss Rachel Moran without, in any way, abandoning their own (equally self serving) agenda, they chose not to. Now Rachel Moran is a time bomb, ticking away that could blow their whole rotten corrupt edifice sky high at any minute.

Thank heavens for that.


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