Myth: Nobody Ever Gets to Say “I told you so”

I irritate people that way. I tend to be in the vanguard, among the very first to notice and piece it all together, so that saying “I told you so” to me never becomes an option.

This morning someone sent me a link to an interesting generic analysis of NGOs, their funding and true motivation, which reminded me of the first time anyone ever suggested to me that NGOs  were not all that they claimed to be.

One of the very last civil things Sam Vaknin ever said to me, in 2001 was:

“I have a new bogeyman now – NGOs”

A lot of shite got talked about Vaknin and myself, most of it by him and his followers, some of it by me, the rest by people who talk shite for a hobby and will happily talk shite about anything promising that crosses their path. Though most of it has been cleaned up by now, I am as sure plenty of traces remain as I am tempted to asterisk out the vowels in his name to evade his daily searches for mention and thus his attention. (I will tweet this with the requisite mention to save him going ballistic and intercontinental on generic grounds and possibly in a stratospheric orbital path.).

The truth of it is probably nobody’s business including our own (except in terms of the 50% each of us created and owns anyway).

One thing you can be sure of as “not shite” is that I have never read any of Vaknin’s articles (except some of the earliest more in a spirit of critique and copy editing than interest in the content). There are lots of reasons why not, some good, some petty and none of them anybody’s business but my own.

So, after reading the article I was sent today I realized that I really should check out whether Vaknin ever did attack the NGOs. This is what I found:

NGOs: The Self Appointed Altruists

Though it discusses NGOs on his favourite Geo political level rather than the “cottage industry” level wherein Irish NGOs habitually reside, the  same principles apply with uncanny accuracy.

(I do also recall running Vaknin’s idea of NGOs as in need of exposure past someone in 2002 who had worked in the sector and, as far as I can recall, the reply was along remarkably similar lines to Vaknin’s article.)

Sam Vaknin, you now have the rare and exceptional right to say “I told you so”.




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