Myth: Sex Workers in Iraq are Very Different to Us

I am going to say as little as possible and let these women speak for themselves.


What? Do you think they got a spoiler warning?

Notice something?

They don’t look like “prostitutes” do they?

The woman on the left, crouching against a bullet to the brain, against the washbasin looks, and dresses, like “Fizz” out of Corrie. The woman in the centre needed her roots doing in the worst way, and was probably told to put it off because her hair was in such awful condition. The woman on the right was in her PJs (it turns out that her name was Hana and she was going to train as a vet)…


Hana Karim, Vet in Training and Sex Worker, alive and at her best, as she should still be.  

They could have been slaughtered in the bathroom of an abortion clinic, or a doctor’s waiting room, a prison or a teacher training college.

They were everywoman.

Black, white, transgender, lesbian, educated, illiterate, young, old, pretty, not so pretty…

They were exactly like sex workers everywhere.

…and now they are dead because of that one fact.

Having dealt with them head on for almost 3 years I have no trouble imagining the abolitionists who lie and prey on sex workers remorselessly, firing the guns and gloating. However many lies they tell they are playing the same despicable game but with the different weapons they need to get away with it, scot free, in a different environment

I can’t bring these women back to life, the best I can do is use their deaths to try and save at least 5 other women instead.

Sex work in Iraq is almost always about desperation and survival – fuck for money or you do not eat, and your kids do not eat (at which point, whether you like fucking for money or not is irrelevant). If men stopped buying sex, they, and their children, would stop eating, with no hope of reprieve.

This is not a situation unique to Iraq.

Abolitionism is just another loaded gun to point and fire at survival sex workers for personal satisfaction and advantage, while they crouch by the bathroom sink and try to blot it out to the very last microsecond.

…and a few weeks later the very people who are lining up to destroy sex workers in Ireland are sick enough to post this.


The person who physically posted it is probably the very same person I cannot stop myself from seeing – smiling with her usual, totally fake, “compassion face” while she fires the gun, every time I close my eyes and try to go to sleep.

(I am sorry, but I am not even prepared to try and pretend these vile people “mean well” in the smallest way when I know from hard experience that would only be a lie. )

Here are more details of exactly what she was gloating over.

“Within half an hour, 28 women and five men lay dead. Some of the victims lay slumped together in the main living room, their arms and legs entwined. In the moments before their death, one of the men had tried to shield one of the women from the gunfire. His arms were still locked around her.”

…sounds just like the kind of “rapist” in the most desperate need of criminalization to me…

(I get a LOT of hits on this page from Iraq…I just want you to know that in my weird old life Iraqis were the first people I learned to socialize with. I can cook (and ABSOLUTELY LOVE) your food. I know a lot about your county and culture. If I could believe in any God at all I know I would be Muslim.

As far as I am concerned, who killed these women killed my sisters. It is VERY personal to me. I long for the day when your ancient and beautiful country suffers no more.)



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