Myth: The DUP Never do Anything Useful

Of course they do, in between all that greed and power lust, infantile huffing and ideation on lucrative schemes for Neo Nazi people farming just about any adult they can coerce under their control, the DUP do a LOT of useful stuff.

You just have to know how to recognise it.

The greatest fear that keeps sex workers afraid to stand up cry *BULLSHIT* on the rescue industry that constantly tries to find ways to make their lives impossible enough to prey upon is the fear of exposure to the same stigma the rescue industry fight just as hard to nurture.

I can remember having a castastrophic and complete breakdown years ago just because I could not find a way to tell  a sweet person that I used to be a sex worker and activist (I was dormant at the time), so if they did not leave me out of a specific choice they were making (however innocent, and it was, being honest, probably the kind of innocent a person should seek counselling for) they would be committing career suicide the first time I was recognised.

THAT is how intimidated we are…but is it realistic fear?

I am fond of saying that, in terms of standing up and being counted, I crossed the rope bridge first to show others it was safe.

So, after I did, there was Laura Lee, on the far side, dithering about whether the fact that I am way heavier than her means the bridge is safe OR it has now been too weakened to take one of her hamsters when the DUP gave her a GODAWFUL SHOVE IN HER BACK…that sent her cartwheeling across the bridge…

There was a terrible stunned silence for what seemed like half eternity, and then suddenly we realised  we were safe on he other side, and never had to be afraid of falling off the rope bridge again, laughing and dancing around, unafraid to say:

“We are whores, we are also decent, intelligent people, and WE ARE HERE and talking…get used to it!”

(And honestly, unafraid to flip a few, carefully chosen targets off too)

Just when we were making ourselves comfortable, formenting rebellion, etc and so forth, he DUP gave a HUGE SWIPE AT ME  knocking me out onto the 6″ ledge above a bottomless drop.

I was terrified. I am not ashamed to say I came apart at the seams on that one…I CRAPPED my self…but…hang on…

*Here is me walking along the ledge*

*Here is me walking along the ledge on tippy toes*

*Here is me hopping along the ledge on one foot*


*Here is me hanging from the 6″ ledge over the bottomless drop by my fingertips finding a way to haul myself back up*

*Here is me cutting out the stunts, keeping it real and walking along that ledge with both feet*

What does not kill us only teaches us how hard we are to kill…

Seems to me the DUP do some really useful work in that area ALL THE TIME.


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