Myth: The Irish Autism Industry Supports Autistics

My isolated rural address and contact details were published exposing me as a former sex worker and sex worker rights activist in May 2014 . It was my “punishment” for fulfilling my legal obligation to expose a cynical fraud I am eye witness to.

I have confirmation from no less person than Professor Michael Fitzgerald that my isolated home of 25 years is vital to my survival as an adult autistic with PTSD who cannot even function for long around people. (Incidentally, in my case this is not a ruse for special privileges, it is very literally true. I exist rather than live, it is all I am left capable of and all I have ever really known.)

I would not survive moving, I am safer staying here as a well advertised sitting duck for any passing fanatic or pervert, but I only sleep in 30 minute bursts now.

You would think the Irish Autism Industry would be up in arms and marching on Stormont over it…

But no…

Even the wife of Professor Michael Fitzgerald, Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice is frantically pretending she did not receive any email about this, likewise her protégée and soi disant “champion of Autism” local TD Simon Harris.

You see, nobody actually cares what happens to you unless you are the “right kind” of vulnerable…and that means the kind of vulnerable that treats them as godlike and superior beings even at their shabbiest, most squalid and most corrupt.

It isn’t right, but I can understand why all help is withheld from those who are not the “right kind” of vulnerable…and, frankly, thank heaven it is because most of the “help” available is half baked profiteering exploitation that does at least as much harm as good, and, whatever about you, I cannot afford to absorb any more harm! Particularly not when I can see it coming from the next county.

But it is not help that is being withheld from me this time, it is the most basic of human rights and justice.

Now, does anyone still have a problem understanding why I, as a badly damaged but highly intelligent autistic have often been left with a straight choice between sex work and suicide and have lived most of my life in the shadow of such a choice?

Not good enough, is it?



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