Myth: The Justice Committee in Stormont Treat All With Equal Respect and Courtesy

My address was finally taken down off the web by Stormont 12 March 2015 

I am afraid not.

As punishment for daring to swear out the truth about what is a criminal fraud the Northern Irish Justice committee published my full, private, name address and contact details. (Not giving link just to slow the spread of random abuse as much as possible, anyone really nasty and determined will have those details already and be planning to use them).

I had requested privacy for my contact details and those of the commissioner for oaths.

As far as I can tell not one other private address and/or phone number was published or alluded to.

Because of the stigma against sex workers, that is the end of any chance I ever had of being treated as a human being on any terms 21 years after I left sex work, and the Justice Committee would be fully aware of that.

I am not promoting a book, or doing the chat show circuit, I couldn’t handle it if I wanted to, and I do not want to. I can’t even socialise in any way.

Because of my remote location it also places me in significant danger. You may think I make that worse by announcing it, and you may be right, but they only way I know to deal with a threat that huge is to grab it by the horns and face it head on rather than cowering waiting for it to come for me.


Here is my response to the NI Justice Committee:

From: Gaye D []

Sent: 21 May 2014 22:57

To: ‘+Comm Justice Public Email’

Subject: Breach of Privacy in Trafficking Bill Report


Dear xxxxxxxxx,


Please pass this to the Justice Committee, it certainly is not directed at you:


Why in the name of all did the committee see fit to public not only my name, but my full address and both telephone numbers at the end of the report on sex work?


I am a 56 year old woman living alone in a remote location. I am officially disabled, autistic , with compound PTSD (that predates sex work by a very long time. I was a pupil at Duncroft among other things). I am so reclusive I cannot cope with a trip to the Doctor and do not know my neighbours after living here since 1990. I am too mentally and emotionally fragile to survive a move. I also have limited mobility due to a combination of a compound fracture last year and spinal arthritis. Most of this is well known and was also made clear in the late submission I sent in to the committee that they somehow did not bother to post as well.


Here it is where I live:

(Map redacted)


Apparently my just punishment for swearing out the truth about a criminal fraud is to have my location and contact details posted online and by HMSO for the whole world to know and do whatever harm they please with, even though I specifically asked that my privacy be respected.


I genuinely believe this decision was an act of vindictive spite on the part of DUP members of the committee because my only submission is to the truth not to their corrupt and evil nonsense.


I hope they are very proud of themselves, because I somehow doubt that their God is.




Gaye Dalton


The Justice Committee in Stormont treat corrupt NGOs and common frauds like Royalty. They treat Neo Nazi fundamentalist profiteers like little Gods…

….and they treat anyone with the honour and integrity to stand for the truth and fight for the rights of other people like shit between their worthless toes.

If I ever thought I was capable of sinking as low as them I would kill myself in shame.

They think they can bully us all into silence and compliance, and maybe they can bully some…but not me…

More than ever before I have nothing to lose corner me, and I will fight like a rat in a trap, particularly when I am fighting for truth and justice, in a world that is already too cruel and corrupt to bear.

My stepdad was a real Christian…these sick freaks are just a mockery of his faith.



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