Myth: There is NO SUCH THING as a Child Sex Slave

It took a long time to pick my terminology, and not just because every overpaid abolitionist and professional moral panicker on the planet will be homing in, trying to find a strategy for twisting my words in a way that persuades a low flying deranged fanatic to  kill me, or at least do me serious harm.

“Child trafficking” is an abused and distorted term that seems to be made to apply to just about everything but what I intend to discuss. The same goes for “Child Prostitution” which also limits the topic to situations where money changes hands, and, as far as I can tell, it really isn’t that simple  (If you feel I do not put that last strongly enough you are probably right, in among the form hyperbole and propaganda this abolitionist petition makes some important points I left out, and, if it is still active, deserves your signature).

“Paedophillia” leaves out all elements of organization and commercialization.

“Child slavery” drags in all the children who are routinely asexually abused in sweatshops, agriculture and domestic service around the world.

“Child sex abuse” is far too moderate a term that implies so much less than I have to say.

It is a hard topic for me to discuss, because like all sex workers and former sex workers I find child sexual abuse utterly abhorrent and would kill without blinking to protect a child from it if I could, but understand this only applies to real child sexual abuse, inflicted on real children and not to the fictional child abuse unscrupulous people make fortunes from and build careers on. As a former sex worker I am more aware of the nature of human sexuality and thus the cynical and dangerous difference between the two.

Child sex slavery is an horrific crime that most definitely does exist, but not in any place that the over paid and powerful professional moral panickers would have you believe.

I will be cross linking a lot of new pages into this over time, but for now, let me lay down the bare bones of reality.

The sex industry and organized crime deny all knowledge of child sex slavery for a very simple and obvious reason that everyone with a vested interest in persecuting sex workers is determined to overlook:

Child sex slavery is hidden as thoroughly from the sex industry and organized crime as from anyone else…and probably even more so.

Child sex offenders have to be segregated from the general population in prison, because not to segregate them amounts to a death sentence, and not a quick, humane one either. But do not take my word for it:

Is it even likely that the same people who will go to tremendous lengths to torture and even kill a child sex offender in prison suddenly regard him as a lucrative potential market as soon as he is set free?

I can recall a child abuse activist with an “interesting” inner city background bemoaning all the half baked and ineffectual Social Services interference that has taken the place of the approach that had protected his own childhood where the neighbourhood would make very certain of the facts and then the offender would vanish, for good, and everyone would get on with their lives.

If the past couple of years  have taught me anything it is the total lack of connection between harm, immorality and criminality. To an extent I have been caught between the barefaced corruption, malice and psychopathic disregard for humanity in politics and the HSE/NGO sector and coming to terms with the fact that my own brother is a crime boss (something I would never have missed if I were not so estranged from the family for so long – really, seriously.).

I make no excuses whatsoever for my brother. I do not “do” crime any more than I “do” lies or predation. I haven’t trusted him an inch since he spoke his first word and I never will. Until recently everything he got caught doing was hurting innocent people at some point, but I am left with an uncomfortable reality whereby *EVEN SO* any harm he has done has been a drop in the ocean compared to the kind of harm I have seen politicians and HSE/NGO executives do quite consciously and deliberately (unless they want to claim to be complete morons). It is almost all collateral damage…but I will stake my life that my brothers crimes have involved far less actual malice.

Nothing in the world is what it appears on the surface (but even so, trust me on the “not trusting my kid brother” thing).

You have all heard of the “Saville Scandal” ? (I am not going down that sidetrack today, but if you want to you will find most of what you need to know here ). I bet you haven’t ever heard of “Le Kilt” near Soho Square (that is how it was described to me, I had no idea it was in Greek St until today)?

Every teenaged girl in the Duncroft or the wider care system had heard of “Le Kilt” in the same way people know of the location of the nearest Tesco. *”Le Kilt” was the money tree we could count on when we absconded.

Except for me…at 6 feet tall and looking 20 there was no demand from the pedophiles. Even in the 70s era of “baby groupies” like Sable Starr (6 months older than me) and Lori Maddox (same age as me). I looked too adult. I would never have been able to fool the regular club scene about my age for 5 minutes, and if I tried there would have been blue murder (the sex industry is very, very hardline on underage activities indeed, and would have handed me straight to the Police which was the last thing I wanted or needed, because that would have sent me straight back to family and/or institutional abuse.)!

Funny how nobody notices anything odd when Rachel Moran claims to have been long legged, big breasted and much in demand with pedophiles. In real life that just could not happen. Pedophiles are only aroused by children who actually look like children.

What came as quite a surprise to me in recent years was to discover how trendy “Le Kilt” was compared to the seedier “Gentlemen’s clubs” and “Clip Joints” I was well familiar with. It was the last place you would expect to find “Young Girl” for rent at all, let alone in wide variety  on a regular basis.

For most of the girls who absconded from Duncroft, Cumberlow Lodge et al in 1972 it was like popping to the ATM.

The one thing you most need to know about child sex slavery is that it always happens in the very last place you would expect, for real…that has been the case in any substantiated trace I can find of it.

The people who traffick in children for sexual exploitation are very, VERY good at not being found out. They are also extremely unlikely to be criminals, or do anything that draws attention and scrutiny to themselves. I suppose a picture would be a good idea. This is a pedophile:


Heather Daughdrill, 28, Westlake, Louisiana, Bible School Teacher

Mitchell Harrison, 21, Cumbria, (profession unknown but known to have been subsequently headhunted by organized crime)

Barbie and Ken huh?

Which reminds me, let us not forget that charming couple from Canada, Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo

All three are a pretty good match for almost anyone who has ever given me reason to suppose they might be a pedophile (though, of course, they do age). Hardly “organized crime”…just the pedophiles who had sufficient bad luck, and/or “other issues” to get caught.

The only convicted pedophile I have ever known and can actually name for you is Anthony Luckwill, 40, Dublin and County Meath. I can even introduce you to an extent. Don’t worry, there is nothing horrible for you to fall across, Anthony Luckwill may be nobody’s idea of goodlooking but he makes up for it by being a remarkably sane and pleasant man. I came across him on I was delighted to come across another adult with Asperger’s who seemed remarkably down to earth. To be honest with you my primary reason for contacting him was to warn him off an organization he seemed to have been somewhat taken in by.

My first impression of him was that he was totally platonic and very “safe” (which should have rung warning bells, because I *never* feel safe). I even gave him my landline number so we could chat without it costing a fortune. Usually I avoid getting into phone contact because I find it draining, and until Stormont decided to hang me out to dry (for the crime of swearing out a deposition against Rachel Moran’s fraud as I was legally and morally obliged to do) without even respecting my safety, let alone my privacy, you had more chance of getting the Pope’s private landline.

Anthony Luckwill seemed like a very nice guy and the kind of blessing the Irish autistic community have needed for a long time. I was happy to assist and encourage him in any way I could (I do not personally *do* groups but I know the scene well)…until I mislaid his phone number and googled him to see if it was on his website.

My first reaction, after I finished wondering how in the world I could or should react, and if I was still conscious, was to feel guilty that I had to hurt his feelings by cutting off all communication…seriously…he had definitely tapped into my childhood conditioning to shame whenever I have to be a “spoilsport” to an abuser.

My second reaction was a bit more assertive. I warned key people in the Autistic Community that he might be trawling for adolescent boys.I went to the Gardaí, I went to the Admin of, someone else went to facebook….nobody did a THING…as if they were all rabbits paralysed in the headlights…when they weren’t treating me like an hysterical lunatic.

In a way I understand…the instinct is to ban him from everywhere, but if you do THAT he goes underground, and you lose all trace of him. (Apparently this rule does not apply to anything connected to sex work).

Pedophiles are attractive, personable people with a knack of putting others at ease. In most cases they do not take the slightest risk of being caught (Luckwill seems to have been an exception, who wanted to be caught, after all, with two convictions behind him what kind of life could he ever have OUTSIDE Arbour Hill?).


I know very, very little about child sex slavery, but a recurring pattern keeps cropping up, over and over again, over 40 years and more than one country.  A child is adopted or fostered out of state care, to wealthy, respectable people, and winds up as a sex slave. In recent years, with the growth of massed communication, they are likely to wind up in another country, not “missing” per se, but all trace of them filed away where nobody will ever look at it again.

There is some hard evidence in circulation…but only in the form of one disturbed young person’s word against a pillar of society, and if you realize how easily and effectively the entire sex industry can be silenced and reinvented as a complete fiction you will also realize how far these discarded human toys are likely to get in terms of redress.

One man, a systems analyst (hardly the type to go off across the fields chasing fairies) told me:

“From the evidence I have seen it HAS to be organized in some way, or it just could not happen the way it does” I believe him. Recognising systems and patterns is his profession.

But apart from that, over the years I have seen many terrible things I cannot prove within and peripheral to the care system itself that would tend to confirm what he is saying. (I do not even know enough to be able to put the whole picture together, clearly, without proof, and I am not just saying that to avoid sudden, summary attack of high velocity lead poisoning of the brain, but that too.).

I guess this is the right place to state that far too many people I am aware of in the HSE/NGO sector are corrupt, unscrupulous buffoons with disordered personalities and serious issues of pathological control who should not be allowed control over a pot plant…BUT…I will stake my life that, like my brother and his colleagues in organized crime, most of them would never consciously assist or even turn a blind eye to any suspicion of child sex slavery.

Unfortunately I am equally confident that they are also too caught up in their own expedient mythology to be able to recognize real child sex slavery if they saw it, much less have the courage to risk all they would have to to actually do something about it. “Denial” is a useful career tool, “massed denial” is an even better one.

It is all moot. Child sex slavery does not exist as a massed conspiracy within existing services, but most of those who participate in and organize child sex slavery are pillars of the community who have just enough friends in high places who have too much dirty laundry of their own to ever let them get caught.

Conclusion remains consistent based on first and second hand evidence over 40 years in at least three countries and through more pointless and destructive sex work pogroms, of various kinds, than I can count properly.

*Incidentally I have no idea, one way or the other, whether the management was aware of this. I never set foot in the place and do not even know what the lighting levels, were like. Whatever I do know was passed to the appalling Mark Williams Thomas in 2011 and promptly ignored as not worth exploiting for gain, so I have also shared with relevant sections of the British Police, who, to my certain knowledge try to collate all the data they can and see how the jigsaws can be made to fit together and receive exactly the same salary whether they arrest celebrities or not.


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