Myth: There is no Such Thing as “Strange Fruit”

In my earlier blog I linked every piece with music, because that is the way my mind absorbs concepts. I dropped the practice because I don’t think anyone else related to it, but can you indulge me for just this one song?

Late one recent night I came across a blazing row on twitter about whether this song was written to convey universal pain, or whether it had a very specific meaning.

So I checked it out – that looks pretty darn specific to me, not just to the lynching of black people in the 1930s South for daring to consider themselves equal, but to a specific, and truly appalling hanging. Take a look…the way Abram Smith’s instinctive struggle for life was treated will haunt me in it’s own right, but think deeper, what of the innocent children brought on a day out to witness it?

So where am I going with this? I have a rather idiosyncratic belief that when life is stolen far too young, we can give a few minutes of that life back by letting the departed play a part in creating a better future in some way. So I am glad to have an excuse to give back a few moments to Abram Smith and Thomas Shipp as Abel Meeropol did before me.

At it’s most specific “Strange Fruit” is about the most extreme example of  lynching based on cynical manipulation and application of blind bigotry I could find.

I need a good entry, because this is a very awkward piece to write.

I have written at length about the part Escort Ireland have played in this debate. I have tried to be scrupulously fair in my assessment and hope I have succeeded.

If you want to look for strange fruit in real life, look no further than the fruit of the poison tree.

Let me show you some:
Modern Day Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland?

I agree with every word…I should do, I posited most of it…

Escort Ireland has gone to a lot of really sneaky, underhanded trouble to gag, silence and discredit anyone they cannot control (eg me) and simply hijack our words and regurgitate them through their own known channels.

What began as thought provoking, frightening truth exposed  by people like me, with no agenda beyond truth and justice (trans: “Who will never make a penny out of this” directly or indirectly), becomes “fruit of the poison tree”, in the hands of Escort Ireland.

Let me show you how that works. This is Ruhama’s direct response to my radio broadcast yesterday , (no false modesty, my real name on my own local radio station is the biggest risk I ever took, it may cost me everything, but after this I may not, ultimately, have anything left to lose anyway, so Stormont made that decision for me):

The link they have shortened leads to this article:

Row over sex ban media advice

Let me give you my personal assurance that, even before I broke all connection with them in late August 2013 Escort Ireland have been, if anything, putting even more time and effort into silencing me in the media and public forums than Ruhama and Turn Off the Red Light. I have come to realize this is probably because, in reality, they have more to gain from the Nordic model than anyone.

Any “fight” they put up is for show, not least to their clients, the sex workers who pay them for the highest yield advertising in the country.

On the other hand, “my enemy’s enemy” is a fallacy for fools. Ruhama and Turn Off the Red Light are still just as full of ruthless, dangerous self-serving shit as they were when they still had laundry nuns in the front office in 1993.

That is why they DARE NOT face an open debate with someone like me – even though I would be risking my whole life while all they ever risk is an inflated salary and their latest career move.






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