Myth: Turn Off The Red Light Will Not Affect…

The biggest myth of all.

Turn Off the Red Light is not just about sex work…something you may never have really had anything to do with, know little about and feel uncomfortable with.

Turn Off the Red Light is also a campaign founded on cold blooded deliberate lies and built from more cold blooded deliberate lies. There are no “good intentions” it is not “misguided” it is a ruthless and deliberate strategy of PR and propaganda aimed at using the once unpopular issue of sex work as a spring board for the ambitions of those involved, and, I can assure you, there is something in it for everybody involved and not once will that be to the benefits of anyone but themselves.

If Turn Off the Red Light succeeds they will have created legislation that overrides the facts with deliberate deceit that has never been verified and is often quite blatant. If it were not so very dangerous and abusive it would even be comical.

They will have legislated reality out of all legal existence, which isn’t the same as making it go away. What happens to the people so entrenched in reality that they cannot be fitted into the lies?

They will also have succeeded in appointing themselves as a law unto themselves with sweeping, effective powers over other, autonomous adults without need for their consent.

Do you seriously think it will end there?

Do you believe that nobody else will notice and try to appoint themselves to similar power over a new issue?

What will it be?


Mental Health?

Teen Delinquency?

Labour Rights?

First one they can get a grip on is my guess.

The world in general is starting to take the same kind of wrong direction it did in Europe and America in the late 20s and early 30s. Please remember that while Germany was rounding up Jews and “resettling” them in crematoria the USA had Jim Crow Laws, forced social sterilization and half the nation wandering homeless and indigent while the other half partied…

Ireland stayed out of it and can do again but not this way.

The NGO sector is out of control, too heavily funded and much to powerful. Politicians are terrified to stand up to it. It has taken the place of an aristocracy…

…and all self appointed, mostly without mandate…

It is time to take a stand before this madness takes a firm hold on the society we live in.



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