Myth: We Are All on the Same Side

Myth: I Have the Right to Life

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My address was finally taken down off the web by Stormont 12 March 2015 

This email has just been sent:.

From: Gaye D []
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2015 5:46 PM
To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Subject: Urgent Query

In the light of this ruling that clearly establishes the seriousness of the abuses committed against me I am formally requesting an explanation for:

Indeed it would seem that, by silence, you wish to endorse both of these offences, despite the fact that by their seriousness (now confirmed by case precedent) and the personal danger, as well as trauma, to which they have exposed me for many months, formally challenged they might serve to expose the corruption by which clause 15 was passed in the North and halt the progress of similar legislation in the south of Ireland. Which, in turn will serve as an argument against similar legislation in the UK.

This query will be published online with the email addresses of all recipients, and responses where I receive them if permission is given.


Gaye Dalton

February 25 2015 11:25am:

There has been no response or acknowledgement.

My personal relationship with these orgs should be irrelevant because, with such clear case precedent (and perhaps even without it) the level of abuse still directed at me (this is not past tense, it is all still online) between the Stormont Justice Committee and “Turn Off the Red Light” is so severe and unjustifiable under law as to have the potential to be the thread to pull to bring the whole corrupt mess crashing down…

…but only IF it is openly challenged..

…in  the media and in the courts.

(The close relationship between TORL and Flac and the Legal Aid Board make it realistically impossible for me to mount a legal challenge except on a “no win, no fee” basis that may well be outside my limitations to negotiate alone.)

I have kept shouting about this for months, and even I know that, without anyone backing me up, that just looks comical and pathetic.

But the refusal of any of these orgs that claim to be fighting for the rights and safety of sex workers to even protest the situation, let alone use it against TORL is very hard evidence that fighting TORL is not, and never has been a priority compared to nurturing their own interests.

The worse of it is the lengths these same orgs have gone to for years to monopolise the voices of sex workers and exclude anyone they do not directly control.

I am very much afraid that, much like organized crime, NGOs thrive on prohibition whether in support or opposition.

The name of the game is ALWAYS power and profit…on every side…nobody gives a flying feck about right and wrong or the outcome for the innocent.


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