Myth: We Should Not Forget the Contempt Sex Workers Have Been Shown #MarRef

This came home forcibly to me today confronted by posters of a grinning Katherine Zappone admonishing people to “Vote Yes”.

It reminded me, that when she sought me out at the 2012 Department of Justice Conference (only a few of us had the chance to attend because Ruhama promised to make sure sex workers were aware of the time, place and invitation and…OOOPS…forgot to tell any of us…so we only knew when it was leaked at the last minute by someone who found the exclusion too disgusting to stomach) though it cost me everything to stay polite, I explained to her how I had supported and campaigned for her and her lovely partner to have the same rights as anyone else all along, and asked why she could not give the same support to the rights of people like me?

Katherine Zappone is very good at lip service on the day, but she did not even give  a second thought to selling us out, and, to go one further, inducing at least one TD to withhold support from us by withholding support from other issues.

Denise Charlton is widely considered to be the Capo di Capi of Ireland’s lesbian Mafia and a rabid campaigner for marriage equality…she is also the “Turn Off the Red Light” Chief of Staff.

They treat us like animals and pawns in their political games. They gag us, they talk over us, they dismiss us as children of a lesser god. They seek to build careers on coercing and exploiting us, and sewage is apt to have a better moral compass.

I bet no sex worker in Northern Ireland is wearing a great big Katherine Zappone grin as she considers how she will pay her bills and keep her life together after June 1st in 5 weeks time, when the sex buyer laws these very wealthy gay people kissed up to some of the most openly homophobic politicians in the Western World to see implemented (and vice versa, you have to wonder if all these “sincere convictions” real people get sacrificed to are deep enough for the scratch that exposes them to even draw blood?).


Marriage equality? FORGET IT…

I would die happy to see them marginalised, exploited and disenfranchised in the same way they have determinedly marginalised, exploited and disenfranchised sex workers. I want to see them lose their incomes, their autonomy, their partners, their children. I want to see them talked over and their lives decided for them by ignorant people who use them as pawn in political games.

I want them to LIVE the hell they force on us.

But…what about the heartbreakingly lovely wee girl in the suburbs who confided to me she was gay and in love when I mentioned dancing in “The Dragon”?

What about the wonderful kids who land on a lady I know to vacillate between wrecking her head and waiting on her hand and foot because they still cannot tell their parents they are gay…

What about my own Granddaughter if she finds her soul mate among the women she dates rather than the men?

What about “Holly Heartbreak” who has, hopefully FOUND the right man by now?

Don’t forget to treat THEM with the exact same contempt they have shown to sex workers and #VOTEYES #MARREF for the future they deserve.

(We’ll persuade the fates to sort out “Turn Off the Red Light” a different way.)


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