Myth: When in Doubt – Blame the Consequences

Nobody likes domestic violence.

So here is a revolutionary new strategy to eradicate domestic violence:

Lets criminalise working in the ER…they are nasty places anyway, and hanging around all night waiting for treatment traumatizes people and keeps them away from work and their families which is a burden on society too.

If we END THE DEMAND for casualities nobody will be able to go to the ER any more, so there will be no point in anyone beating them to a pulp.

End of domestic violence.

What’s your  problem?

That is EXACTLY the principle behind the Nordic Model. Never mind the cause – hammer the consequence and the cause will be neatly brushed away while the problem bleeds out in the ever deeper shadows it has been driven into by all that consequence hammering.

“Women sell sex because they have to, not because they want to” (One of “Turn off the Red Light”‘s propaganda slogans from 2012) and in many cases that is true to one extent or another – but the crime here is that women *HAVE TO* sell sex at all…the fact that there is a market is a small mercy to be thankful for.

In almost every case women *HAVE TO* sell sex because of fault and/or failure on the part of…you guessed it, one of the many “services” and orgs who are campaigning to blame the consequence of their own error. (Now there is a convenient coincidence).

NEVER MIND SEX BUYERS, they are not the real problem here.

Why are women still being left with no option but sell sex in the affluent, NGO infested welfare states of the Western World?

Blaming fictional “pimps and traffickers” is not a truthful answer. Sex workers are notoriously independent and individual, in many cases that is a big part of the reason why they sell sex. Even Jack the Ripper’s Victorian victims did not work for pimps. Pimps are very, very rare in the real world, and most “victims of trafficking” are voluntary economic migrants  with absolutely no other hope, doing and saying whatever they have to do and say to keep themselves, and often also their families, alive.

It is time to stop making up excuses and look at the real reasons why women are still forced to sell sex in 2014 and start fixing those first.

It is time stop lying and face and tackle the REAL reasons why women are driven to sell sex…not the consequences.

Make a world where nobody ever has to sell sex against their will if only by making sure leaving anyone in such a terrible position carries suitable consequences.

Don’t punish the victim by making the consequences harder and crueler than they already are.



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