No More Heros

You really have issues with sex workers don’t you?

That is why you need to undermine us whenever you have to deal with us in any sense. Making savage sport of us.

It was really hurtful in your book, everything else was presented with such affection and insight, but sex workers were just there to be represented in any way that put them down, as if we do not qualify as human. I noticed recently you are still doing the same. I do not think your attitude has any more to do with “Turn Off the Red Light” than it has with reality. It is personal to you in some way.

You have created your own personal stereotype of sex workers as coarse, low common and ugly, plugging it in to co-existing mainstream stereotypes for reinforcement.

I have no idea what it is about, I don’t read minds..

What I do know is that none of us deserve this from you, especially when it extends to artificially staged “show not tell” media techniques from a key broadcasting position. I get the uneasy feeling that a streetworker who can understand and analyse concepts like that leaves you in a state of cognitive dissonance resembling that of a man staring at a wall of a colour that does not exist on the spectrum.

Something in you needs to define sex workers as ignorant troglodytes, and whatever it is you are hardly going to drop it on demand.

I can’t charm you or persuade you to be fair to us I am no good at things like that, when I try unintended consequences occur. All I can do is point you to a young man who really talked to the sex workers on the street more than 10 years before you ever did.

Maybe you will learn something, maybe you won’t…it is the only shot I have, so I will take it.




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