On Christian Morality

From memory “Jesus died to redeem sins” (or similar) literally means “died to pay the debt of sin” it does not have to mean that he died to absolve sinners…but rather that he died to clear the debt with the victim of sin.

The world is full of bad people who impose harm on good people who do not deserve it, and get away with it. There is no justice, there is no redress…for an innocent to choose death cancels some of that debt morally. The higher you elevate the sacrifice the more of the debt is cancelled.

But NB, the debt to the innocent is cancelled, the guilty are on their own if they want to seek absolution. The crucifixion buys the sinner’s marker for a fair price…so your God becomes your creditor…

“So that the very least that you have done to these my children you have done it unto me” (from memory) sounds one hell of a lot like “We are writing to inform you that we have assumed responsibility for collecting your repentance, and all future payments should be made to this office” to me?

Homosexuality has no victims and no debt of sin.

It seems to me time for Christianity to grow up and recognise that any apparent reference to homosexuality in the bible is all but self-evidently personal opinion creeping into the will of God either at the point of interpretation or translation. (If the Christian assumptions concerning the origins of the Bible are correct then human hands played a strictly editorial role – one that, used skillfully an turn meaning upon it’s head.)

I find it inconceivable that any being superior to me would have more interest in how people were having sex and with whom, and upon what terms than in whether they were kind of cruel, honest or deceitful, honourable or despicable unto one another, from which modern Christianity has a bad habit on averting it’s eyes, unless, of course it is genuinely too preoccupied with with micromanaging the sex lives of others.

In fact, I think you can safely assume that any superior being has better things to do with their time than give a fig about anybody’s sex life as long as they are being kind, honest and honourable about it as it is only in the neglect of these last that sex develops a victim and qualifies as a sin at all.


10 thoughts on “On Christian Morality

  1. “I find it inconceivable that any being superior to me would have more interest in how people were having sex and with whom, and upon what terms than in whether they were kind of cruel, honest or deceitful, honourable or despicable unto one another,…”

    When Christ created this universe, it was perfect; this world was perfect – until man cursed it by sinning

    There are, of course, numerous ways of sinning, but what they have in common is that they are rebellion against the Almighty.

    Both the Old and New Testaments make it crystal clear that a man leaves his parents and marries a woman; the two have sex and become one flesh – again – as Eve came from Adam originally.

    Any other sexual act is rebellion, like lying, stealing or killing. We are warned to war against the flesh, not to give in to every carnal desire.

    So yes, homosexual acts, like bestiality, necrophilia, adultery, etc., are dishonest, deceitful, dishonourable, despicable and cruel to the Creator and sometimes to others and to oneself because the wages of sin is death.

    “Homosexuality has no victims and no debt of sin.”

    See previous sentence. Homosexual acts are acts of rebellion, betrayal and the flesh winning in the spiritual war, which causes homosexuals to experience greater levels of mental illness, suicidal thoughts and alcohol and drug misuse compared to the general population, so plenty of victims and plenty of sin for which repentance is required.

    I pray that those living in sexual sin will find peace in repentance and living according to God’s created order.

  2. The assertion that “Christ created this universe” is one I have never come across before.

    (I must stress that I am an atheist in case my capacity to argue a Christian perspective misleads).

    • I expect many Christians also don’t understand. From the book of John, chapter 1 (The ‘Word’ = Christ):

      1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
      2 The same was in the beginning with God.
      3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
      4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
      5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

      Well, you seem to be arguing as if you believe that you are well-versed in scripture and that you know the mind of God and what He should be doing!

      My new website is intended to enlighten people with the truth that atheism/evolution is a fraud and to present the evidence in a clear and concise way: http://www.truth.org.uk/

      • Not at all…

        I know perfectly well that a belief some kind of God is a psychological and emotional crutch some people need to handle the harsher realities of life and death…I do not blame them, I am just not one of them. I am more comfortable with reality.

        One thing I do know is that every perception of God is predicated upon the assumption of some form of superiority, and a petty, spiteful, bigoted control freak with a pechant for sadism and an unheathy fascination with the private sex lives of perceived inferiors doesn’t even hack “equal” let alone superior.

        Another thing I know is that far too many people abuse the diversity of holy books like the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita as a personal big book of excuses to invade, bully and abuse the lives of others. I regard that as beneath contempt, and feel confident any superior beings around would be inclined to share my view.

  3. On the contrary. In my very wide experience, it is the ‘atheists’ who are grabbing hold of the crutch of evolution theory because they don’t want to be held responsible for the way they live their lives. It is sometimes very hard to be a Christian, especially today when new laws curtailing our freedom keep being introduced. And atheists seem happy at the idea of dying and drifting off into nothingness for eternity, although that is a grave mistake. No pun intended.

    The Creator wants us to live righteously, so we are rightly chastised when we go against the rules, like a parent smacks an unruly child so that it learns. That God is superior to us is an obvious and given thing, so I don’t know what your point is there. Do you think God needs lessons from the people He created and who live sinful lives?

    Only a religious framework can devise morals. As Dawkins said,

    “The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.”

    I only speak for Judeo-Christian scripture and yes, godless people often abuse it for their own ends, which is beneath contempt. Christ taught us to love one another as ourselves. If we all did that, wouldn’t the world be far better than the confused mess it’s in today under such influences as humanism and Islam?

    • Life has convinced me that the category of belief system you promote is as much a pathology as alcoholism or drug addiction. As a result I am not interested in it and see no point in arguing with it.

      So all I can do is thank you for taking the time and trouble to provide such a pertinent illustration for this post and hope that, one day you make a full recovery. You may find this of help http://www.elementsbehavioralhealth.com/behavioral-process-addictions/can-religion-be-an-addiction/

      • I suffered ten years of alcoholism and I can assure you that you have no idea what you are talking about.
        If you had studied life in even a rudimentary way, you would have discovered its vast richness and complexity absolutely cries out of a Designer.

        I suggest you read my website and keep following it as it grows.

        Your snide comments that religion is a mental illness is not new to me. Many ‘atheists’ come out with it. Tell me what mental distress causes you to believe in atheism (as our brains both work by the same laws of chemistry) when the evidence of nature and of the human experience says the opposite.

        Atheism is a minority sport. Atheists have the mental aberration. Atheists are mentally abnormal. That’s not meant as an insult, just a numerical fact.

    • No, Stewart Cowan’s faith is not an “addiction”. You don’t know him and have no evidence whatsoever to ‘prove’ otherwise, so by secular humanist rationality, I conclude you are wrong.

      • This “reading Stewart Cowan’s mind act” you need to get an agent and do it on stage.

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