Open Letter to Jim Wells MLA

Jim Wells Resigns in Disgrace – The Guardian 27 April 2015

The DUP Never Do Anything Useful

The reason that the questioning by Mr Givan and me was so strident was that we knew that what we were dealing with was not a genuine sex worker but a spokeswoman for the sex industry — someone who was inextricably linked to a ring using over 300 women in Ireland for prostitution. We never met someone who was a genuine sex worker as such. We were introduced only to frontwomen working for the big conglomerates in the sex industry, which are using both trafficked and non-trafficked prostitutes throughout Ireland. – Jim Wells MLA 9 December 2014

Jim Wells MLA,

You knew nothing of the kind. Because there was nothing of the kind to be known.

I know Laura Lee, many, many years, she has behaved very badly to me, and we do not get on (to say the least).

If you want to turn up at the address, or call either of the numbers that you felt represented such a VITAL addition to your report (as the last page of my sworn affidavit, apparently, did not) in clear breach of the responsibilities conferred by the data protection act, I will be happy to dish the dirt on Laura Lee until Christmas itself…but that dirt will *not* include any reinforcement of the above deliberate defamation.

I am more than happy to confirm all of her testimony to the Justice Committee on oath (but I will not be appending my visa card number for publication).

I will also draw your attention to the fact that despite our longstanding personal grievances I was profoundly shocked by the way that she was treated by yourself and Paul Givan, two supposed Christians, who have no reason for any animosity towards her.


Gaye Dalton



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