Open Letter: Turn Off The Red Light

(In respect of DM Reality Bites and similar )

Do you seriously think, if you turn up the heat high enough, it is possible to force me into complying with your lies, or even enabling them by silence?

I am not like you, my conscience is not, and never will be going cheap in the sales for any reason. They say we only die once, but if I played along with you in even the smallest way I would die every morning that I woke up and had to face what I had done.

I have no power of self delusion, I have no way to pretend to myself that this is just a harmless little game of huge salaries, junkets and expenses with a bit of “helping people” thrown in. I will always see the ruthless sacrifice of vulnerable people to personal gain for exactly what it is in all it’s true and squalid colours.

Your sick little games torture and kill real people, and getting away with it scot free is not the same as not doing that harm.

I am not going to try a ridiculous “appeal to better nature” it is clear to me that you could not muster a better nature between you if you wanted to, and, frankly, you don’t.

What I will tell you is this, if you keep piling on the pressure one day I will break, and when that happens I will have no recourse but to take my own life (complying with you is not an option, see above). I do not have the survival resources most people take for granted to be able to avoid that, or even have a real reason to.

If you force me into that position I will be sure to leave behind a detailed and truthful account of every dirty trick I have seen.

Not all of that honest mud will stick, question is, do you really want to gamble on that?

Your move.