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This makes me the first person in Ireland fully “out” as having ever sold sex while still alive (Dolores Lynch was martyred quite horribly. Sadly too soon for me to meet her, but I knew plenty of people who knew her well and start every day of late trying to be worthy of her memory)

I was just thinking, years ago, when I was still a sex worker, my friend, the late “Rose” was also very political (as was her family). We spent all the televised one-sided “debates” over the 1993 law that tore our world apart, back and forth on the phone. If anyone had told us that a former sex worker who was not making a career out of it, or selling a book (and remember, all the professional sex workers and “survivors” have their locations hidden, a luxury Stormont refused to allow me. I wonder where THAT stands with their “Autism Act”?), could be “outed” and come out as far as I have just as a person among other people, and survive we would have thought they were being ridiculous.

I am a disabled person, from a background of horrific abuse who never had a cat’s chance in hell of surviving to be 57. I was forced to sell sex by negligence and perfidy within the system that claims, and is funded to protect me. At least one of the worst offenders still gets a huge salary to “protect” the vulnerable


Get used to it.

From Irish Times 15 November 2014

Sir, –To date the majority of people discussing the future of sex workers in Ireland do not, and have never sold sex in any way and never will, with the understandable result that most of them are mistaken about the facts of the issue.

I do not believe that there is any moral justification for the issue to proceed further without an opportunity for people who have worked in the sex industry to challenge those misconceptions autonomously and on equal terms in public debate, something with which, to date, the main protagonists have declined to engage.

If it concerned any other subculture or social group this state of affairs would be considered appalling.

Because of the stigma attached to sex work, it is hard for sex workers to feel comfortable engaging with such a process, but stigma should not cancel out human rights. – Yours, etc,



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