Please Keep Pushing This Out

Guys I am literally begging you to keep pushing this out:

Sworn Evidence Concealed By Justice Committee Stormont

I am way past burnout…I need to isolate…that is what I do, that is how I live and cope, sticking around to push this out is nearly torture for me.

I just collapsed on the bed in tears for the day of things I really love and have lost for good today over this. I do not want to be here doing this, looking at all the dirt of it. I ran out of steam already. But this is a stupid, nasty, slimy little mistake Stormont made and assumed they would get away with. Ordinary decent sex workers cannot afford for it to be let go.

Please keep sending it out. It is no use unless it is public knowledge.

I need to shut down now, and do the things that matter to me, at least until someone comes to harm me as so many people hope they will.

I don’t even have enough energy left to keep up my defences against all the personal malice around.

PLEASE don’t let Stormont get away with this…not because they did it to me, but because they did it at all, full stop.




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