Rachel Moran, Apology and Errata

My Sworn Testimony

My Memoir of Sex Work in Dublin Between 1987 and 1993 (written and date locked in 2001)

Let me remind you what truth is…it is an account of what has actually happened with as little filter and editorialising as possible, and it is fact that this was sent to me November 21 2018 by Lavelle Solicitors.  I have blanked out the private address as a courtesy but tried to leave the pdf otherwise unaltered in any way.

Moran Affidavit 13 November 2018

Moran Originating Motion 13 November 2018

In the name of honesty, I must state that among these papers is conclusive proof that Rachel Moran studied for a degree in DCU. (Had such proof been provided earlier I would have instantly accept that and ceased to doubt it.) I was going to reproduce the stats but the format makes it impossible for me to do so without revealing information that is irrelevant and private so I would ask you to accept my word that Rachel Moran studied at DCU with a journalism major and my occasionally expressed impression that she had not was mistaken.

I also apologise and admit that I was wrong to totally dismiss the possibility that Rachel Moran was the girl pulled out of a massage parlour on the Cabra road.

It certainly is possible, I was never there and I had no right to say otherwise.

The girl in North Cabra Road was discussed at some length at the time. We kept a watch to make sure she never tried to work on the street if not from compassion then because of the huge risk she would be to all of us and our livelihoods. The guards couldn’t arrest us, but they could scare the clients off and make it impossible for us to earn the money we needed to live and discharge our obligations.

The girl from Cabra would have been the same level of threat as the Nordic Model, so there is no way we could have tolerated her.

After she was picked up she was the topic of discussion as a bit of a mystery (women with nothing better to do between clients tend to over discuss this type of thing). She seemed to come from nowhere, nobody had a clue who she was and nobody had ever seen her before at all.

30 November 2018