For a lot of reasons I have detached from sex work advocacy for a while to focus on other agenda, because that is part of me too, and I don’t think there is any more I can achieve.

Still, I must not forget the crossover point, refugees.

Alone, and for reasons that were not political, I have been a refugee for most of my life, and I realise the experience and impact on me has been strikingly similar to that of any other refugee.

This is not going to devolve into a “pity poor me” session at last…save that for the numerous fake survivors who live off it, I just want to explain what I know of the reality of running to seek refuge for yourself and your children, in fear of your safety.

There is no “right choice” or “wrong choice” when it comes to running, or not, both alternatives are fraught with danger and either could end in disaster, I could say you have to base your decision on the potential advantages, and that was true for me, and many others I am sure, but it is not true for everyone. Sometimes, however dangerous it is to stay it can be genuinely impossible to leave because of an individual combination of factors.

When you run for refuge you try to ensure it is the very best decision for you, and you also accept that you may have to be ready to do whatever it takes to make it to safety.

When I ran with my child I accepted that I would probably have to sell sex (my personal last resort) to make it, and I am willing to bet that there are a great many Syrian, Iraqi and other mothers who know EXACTLY what I am talking about, whether it came to that or not. You have to accept it BEFORE you run.

Being Muslim does not make one jot of difference, because, in my heart and soul, at that time, SO WAS I.

Now, when a woman has run, alone, or with her children, if you have a scheme, however dishonest, to get even one woman alone back to the normal life that was stolen from her in the first place, I am with you every step of the way…but when that scheme is used as a spring board to make it harder and more dangerous for other women to use the same route, I am your greatest enemy.

Are we clear?

End Demand legislation kills refugees more than any other kind of woman, and the fact that those deaths are going to happen in places and circumstances where they will never be recorded as an impact, and thus will not impact negatively on your career is of not relevance or interest to me.